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Foreign Policy Analysis
Alumni Profile: World Bank VP & Treasurer Jingdong Hua MPA ’03

Alumni Profile: World Bank VP & Treasurer Jingdong Hua MPA ’03

There is no single sector
that will be able to solve the world’s problems. It really has to be the intersection,
the combination of government, civil society, and private sector.
Entrepreneurship really is a driving force in creating jobs, creating economic
opportunities so poor people can escape poverty. This is where government policy
has to be there in providing that enabling environment so private sector
can thrive. From that perspective SIPA’s focus on being the intersection
between policy and practices is really quite central in terms of addressing some of the challenges in the world today. My SIPA education was critical.
From a technical point of view I thought I was very well equipped in solving
problems, but I think as one progresses through a career it’s really bringing
the knowledge base to make policy, to make strategy. Then all the technical
solutions can work. Creating jobs, growing the economy — it’s a major driver for a country
to achieve its social economic objectives. These are some of the most challenging
and most exciting things that we do every day.

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