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Alumni Profile: Ludwig Marek MPA-EPM ’07

Alumni Profile: Ludwig Marek MPA-EPM ’07

Prior to going to the EPM [program] I was a journalist
at Bloomberg and I covered G10 currencies, central bank policies,
investment management policies and strategies. And I wanted to make a switch
going from writing about it to go behind the scenes. I was only about three years
in New York so for me it was like a jump into the abyss. The Economic Policy
Management [EPM] program at SIPA really offered me to break away from journalism
and then really go into the weeds in regards to microeconomics, macroeconomics;
really actually looking behind the scenes in regards to how actual
policies are determined. I work for BlackRock, the largest asset manager in
the world. I think the biggest skill set that I acquired here at EPM was being
able to digest a huge volume of data information in a very short period of
time. It happens on a daily basis and it makes my job easier to actually convey
that information of the data to others, including clients. The name Columbia
itself, it carries you quite a long way whether it’s Bolivia, Peru, Argentina,
Brazil. There will be always a member somewhere in leading policymaking roles
that has been part of the EPM program. I always am able to tap into that
global network for both professional benefits but also for personal growth.
And that’s how EPM really led me to where I am right now.

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