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Alumni Profile: Elisabeth Sedmik MPA-EPM ’15

Alumni Profile: Elisabeth Sedmik MPA-EPM ’15

Prior to coming to SIPA I was working in
the private sector, but my passion was always international development. So I
knew if I wanted to make this transition I need to pick a good school that can
give me the right tool set for that. What really differentiates the MPA-EPM
from other MPA’s is that it gets straight to the point of economic
policymaking. It’s an intense one-year program and you do learn a lot. You do
have to study a lot. It’s a lot of quantitative skills that you gain
there. Really heavy academic policymaking and then at the same time
if you would learn well what does it mean for the real world. We would talk to
ex-ministers about it, have debates on it. And really this connection that SIPA
made us do on a daily basis between policy and practice is really what I’m
doing right now in my job. I work as an analyst at the World Bank in education. We
give development loans to government and for me specifically that would be
education loans. The good mix of research and project management. So I do a lot of
impact evaluations into education policies. Then taking this and consulting
governments and new education projects and education trends. My classmates
went on to work at the IMF, Inter-American Development Bank, the
World Economic Forum, the Fed, their respective ministries of finance. And one
of my classmates just got appointed state secretary of Moldova. If you know
that you want to go into economic policy and make an impact in the world through
economic policy then I feel the MPA-EPM is exactly the right place for you.

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