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Administration – Structure and Governance – Organizational Structure of the Development Office

>>Dr. Blackmon: So how is the Development
Office structured exactly?>>Tripp Hall: It’s a very small operation.
When you look at the development operations at the University of Oklahoma, and we know
this from our consultants that were here, we have the strongest central development
operation that they have ever seen in the nation.>>Dr. Blackmon: Wow.>>Tripp Hall: So the office consists of myself.
I have 9 senior development officers that are assigned centrally to the University that
I work with on a daily basis. And we have about 35 staff members that help us with all
sorts of things. That could be prospect management, data entry, publications, thank you letters,
proposal writing, and management—just overall management of the operation. And so that is
how that is structured. On the University of Oklahoma, we have what is called a “decentralized
development operation.” So a college would hire their development officer independent
of central development. Now we’re involved in that process. We are often asked to be
involved in the hiring, the interview process, etcetera, but at the end of the day, those
development officers really report to the dean or the director of the study.>>Dr. Blackmon: Okay.>>Tripp Hall: So there’s sort of a dotted
line to me, but that communication is never broken. They need us to help prepare the proposals.
We work very closely to to coach them to success. We also provide new opportunities, new donors
for them to work with, to steward, to get to know. And so it’s a hand-in-hand operation
that is unique and works for the University of Oklahoma. And then we work very closely
with the OU Foundation, which is totally separate now from the University, and we work through
there when it comes in to gift acknowledgement, the actual accounting of the gift, and then
they do—they carry on the investment of the gift and everything.

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