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8 comments on “Accreditation: A global tool to support public policy

  1. Gracias a todos los evaluadores de la conformidad por creer y hacer bien el trabajo. ¡Esto contribuye a un mundo mejor, cada dia!

  2. Accreditation is of no concern to IAF, ISO Central Secretariat and ISO/CASCO. Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand; JAS-ANZ has declared that ISO 9001:2015 Certificates awarded to Geological Survey of India are invalid. ISO/CASCO, IAF, NABCB and others have been apprised of this invalidity. Mr Steeve Keeling General Manager- Accreditation;JAS-ANZ,informs that JAS-ANZ shall give notice to GSI to withdraw these fake certificates from their website. GSI takes the credit of ISO level of standardisation with the help of these fake certificates issued on 12-08-2016. JAS-ANZ has further stated that if GSI doesn't pay any heed to their notice, then JAS-ANZ shall escalate this issue through their legal services in India. NABCB has informed GSI that the certificates are invalid on the basis of info from JAS-ANZ. These certificates have not been withdrawn yet. ISO is not concerned with certification, so organisations who issue ISO certificates has full privilege to earn money with issuance of fake certificates. Such abuses of ISO's standard of certification malign the integrity of ISO's name and repute. No effective regulatory action breeds such rampant corruption.

  3. Absence of regulation in ISO certification is a great set back now a days. ISO Central Secretariat takes off his hand from certification. IAF, National Accreditation body in India; NABCB and JAS-ANZ- the Accreditation body keeps them detached as well. Purpose of IAF is badly defeated as such. JAS-ANZ even promised of necessary action for withdrawal/cancellation of the fake certificate, but, ultimately take about turn of their promise.
    ISO 9001:2015 Certificates awarded to GSI by DRS Management System Pvt Ltd on 12 August, 2016 is still in use by GSI. These certificates show Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand- JAS-ANZ as Accreditation body and also show logo of IAF. All the competent officers of ISO, ISO-CASCO, ISO-COPOLCO, IAF, NABCB, JAS-ANZ and ECOSOC-U.N. have been apprised of this forgery. But despite a few twisted responses the matter still remains undecided. Such fraudulent activities and no corrective action will defeat the purpose of ISO. I have failed to impress the concerned authorities upon this unlawful activities.

  4. Good trainings for accredited laboratories:

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