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ABAM/TLD Resolution in California Assembly

ABAM/TLD Resolution in California Assembly

Assembly concurrent resolution 239 by
assembly member Maienschein and others relative to Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and the Longest Day Thank You assemblymember Maienschein. Thank you madam Speaker. I’m honored to present
assembly concurrent resolution 239 which recognizes June 2018 as Alzheimer’s and
Brain Awareness Month and June 21st as The longest day.
California has 650,000 residents. [interjection] Mr. Calderon – for what reason do you rise? Yeah madam Speaker it is extremely loud on the floor. I ask that members keep their
conversations to a minimum or take their seats to give their full attention to
Assemblymember Maienschein. Your point is well-taken. Members please give your full
attention to assemblymember Maienschein. Please continue. Thank You California has
650,000 residents living with Alzheimer’s, more than any other state in
the nation and the state population is projected to grow by 29% in the
next decade reaching 840,000 individuals affected by 2025. These numbers continue to rise year after year. Family friends and all
Californians are impacted by this disease, the cost it incurs and its
long-lasting effects. I’m proud that my County, San Diego, took concrete steps a few years ago to begin addressing this public health crisis but this is more
than a local concern it’s statewide, national and global. This resolution
raises awareness but we also need action many of us in this chamber have
introduced bills this session to accelerate research, enhance care and
support and improve treatment. I also want to thank my colleague from Rancho Cordova for continually bringing awareness to this disease and related
cognitive disorders. I look forward to working with all of you in the months
and years ahead to bring solutions to families suffering from Alzheimer’s and
related dementias. And, Madam Speaker I would like the first roll call to be
open for co-authors. Thank You. Assemblymember Cooley you are recognized. Colleagues on this day I’m always honored to rise its support of this
subject matter. It is always the opportunity for me to share and in tone
on this floor the name of my mom, Doris Lee Cooley who passed away from
Alzheimer’s 11 years ago this month. The story that is that I always take
away is despite the ravages of this disease, she
was in a care facility getting tremendous care for many many years. I
would visit my mom, she would not recognize me and she would sit with
her companions the people that she spent time with and just chat away in ways
that I didn’t understand the conversation but clearly was meeting a
need she just got such great care. Then in the last month of her life she had a fall she was in a skilled nursing facility and I visited her. Me being the
baby of the family the one that she would always give me a smooch when I
came home from college and I talked to my mom and I leaned over her, head on
the pillow and her head just came off the pillow to smooch me, which told me
that despite the ravages of this disease so deep into the horror of Alzheimer’s
Doris Lee Cooley was still there. Her personage was still there however
defaced by this disease and therefore this enterprise of research and
supporting research to understand how to how to support people enduring this, the
families through respite care and other things we cannot think that these
diseases are so bad that the personal the person at the core is somehow lost
so it’s just a great honor to arise and support and I thank my colleague, I’m
saying to you I do want to note that here in the city of Sacramento mister my
colleague from Sacramento’s at East Lawn Cemetery there is actually an
Alzheimer’s memorial wall. Beautiful spot that I stopped at earlier this week to
remember those who have suffered and died of this dread disease.
I urge an aye vote. [pause of silence] Assemblymember Rodriguez you are
recognized. Yes, I also rise in support of ACR 239. As a family member, my father
suffers from Alzheimer’s for the past five years I see that affects that does
on patients and families and as I look at him and what we go through as a
family that we must address this issue and look for a cure for Alzheimer’s but
in the mean time that we always be aware of what families go through and patients
and what we can do to help support them along the way. So, I also rise in support of
ACR 239. Thank the member from San Diego for bringing it forward. Thank you. Thank you. Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry, you are recognized. Thank you. I want to thank the
assemblymember from San Diego for bringing this forward. I want to rise to
talk about a really good friend of mine that is back in Washington DC who has
been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she is back there promoting and talking
about prevention and what we can do and there are some great things that they’re
finding with science. I’m so proud of my friend Pam. She has taken many trips to
train and teach all of us and educate us about the early signs of Alzheimer’s and
then on the other side I want to say God rest one of my best friends from kindergarten, died of early onset Alzheimer’s. So this affects all people so I want to just encourage all of us to support this today and thank
you very much for bringing it forward. Assemblymember Weber you are recognized. Madam Speaker members, I also rise in support of this resolution and thank my
colleague from San Diego for bringing it forward, You know, I’m in the process of
reading a book called “Before I Forget.” It’s written by B. Smith, the well-known African-American woman who was the black Martha Stewart in
essence and her battle with Alzheimer’s and to read that book and to understand
the challenge of her family, her husband and her community is just amazing.
It’s also became aware the fact of the data that the group that’s most affected by
Alzheimer’s is African Americans. It has the largest percentage of those who have
Alzheimer’s despite the fact that we’re not the largest population in this
country we have the largest population of Alzheimer’s. Greater numbers of African-Americans will get Alzheimer’s two and three times
more than the normal population. The need for research is clearly apparent it’s been there for years we’ve not done much because often people didn’t live as long
and so we just kind of wrote off our grandparents and others as being
forgetful. Now we see this disease that’s there and how it’s ravaging our
communities consuming so many resources and hampering so many lives. So I
think it is important that we basically accept this resolution enthusiastically
and then encourage our government and our state to talk about research and
what needs to happen for the various communities. So I think my colleague
from San Diego for basically bringing this forward reminding us of how
important it is and that we all have a lot of work to do because it affects all
of our families. Thank you so much. Thank you. Seeing no further requests to speak, Assemblymember Maienschein, would you like to close? Thank you Madam Speaker and
thank you to my colleagues for their great comments and I would ask the role
to be open for co-authors. Thank you madam clerk please open the
roll. Member, this roll is for co-authors on the resolution. Madame Park you may close the roll there
are 73 co-authors on the resolution, without objection we will take a voice
vote all those in favor signify by saying ‘aye.’ Aye [background] All opposed…the resolution is adopted returning now to Mr. Maienschein for
your guests introductions. Thank You, Madame speaker in honor of Alzheimer’s and brain Awareness Month and today being recognized as The Longest Day, I would
like to welcome advocates with the Alzheimer’s Association who are up in
the gallery including members from the San Diego Alzheimer’s Association
chapter. Thank you for your continuous efforts in finding a cure to Alzheimer’s
disease and I’d ask my colleagues to please extend a warm welcome. [applause] Thank you.

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