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Foreign Policy Analysis


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been
very active on the diplomatic front from the very beginning of his tenure. He has bolstered relations with many countries,
which were not given appropriate attention by previous PMs. In some cases it was utter inefficiency and
negligence from part of the previous governments. The opposition has sometime criticized PM
Modi’s foreign visits and diplomacy. But the fact of that it had got India some
valuable strategic leverage apart from economic investments. In this video Defense Updates is providing
viewers with 5 relatively low key, but strategically very significant developments which are not
reported in mainstream media with due importance. So let’s get started. Canada agreed to supply 3000 metric tons of
Uranium to India under a 254 million dollars 5 year deal to power Indian atomic reactors. Canada banned exports of uranium and nuclear
hardware to India in the 1970s after it was alleged that New Delhi used Canadian technology
to develop a nuclear bomb. In 2013, Civil Nuclear deal between India
and Canada was signed but the practical implementation was struck. The agreement for uranium supply came 2 years after
prolonged negotiations and was signed after Modi had comprehensive talks with his Canadian
counterpart Stephen Harper. In the past Indo Saudi relationship has been
inhibited by a number of historical factors such as the Kashmir issue, Pakistan factor,
regional and global politics. With Modi visit the relation opened up. India and Saudi Arabia agreed to expand strategic
cooperation in areas of counter terrorism, defense, trade and investment. Saudi Arabia has been close ally of Pakistan
a growing Indo Saudi relationship is a strong message to Pakistan in terms of strategic
influence. India also managed to bring back 4000+ Indians
from war zone in Yemen along with national of 41 different countries, which got Indian
name on to the global platform in conducting rescue missions. This was possible due to PM Modi’s relationship
with Saudi Arabian King Salman. Saudi Arabia was attacking Yemen at the time
and Yemen skies were declared no-fly zone. It allowed Indian Air Force to fly to Yemen
after PM Modi spoke to King Salman. Britain has offered technology transfer to
India for co-production of military platforms and weapon systems to jointly become world-beaters
in arms export. The British defense secretary Michael Fallon
in on a 4 day visit to India aimed at enhancing security and defense ties. Britain’s engineering major Rolls-Royce and
DRDO have been working on and developing an engine for military jets and the UK is keen
on many such projects as per him. Mr. Fallon added we are looking at government-to-government
frameworks for transfer of technology (TOT). As per the statistics collated by UK Trade
and Investment, the country is the second biggest arms exporter in the world after the
US. UK has sold more arms than Russia, China and
France on average over the last 10 years. Britain has also been a leading supplier of
military platforms to India, but technology transfer is a big step forward. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said his country
is ready to start exported Uranium to India. We are working closely with
India to meet our respective requirements for the provision of fuel for
India’s civil nuclear program. He said adding Australia was looking forward
to supply of uranium to India as soon as possible. Australia has about 40% of the world uranium
reserves and exports nearly 7,000 tons of yellowcake annually. India and Australia began talks on the civil
nuclear cooperation agreement in 2012 after Australia lifted a long-standing ban on selling
uranium to India. India, which had nuclear energy contributing
just 3% of its electricity generation, will be the first country to buy Australian uranium
without being a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). PM Modi had wished Mr. Netanyahu on the occasion
of Jewish festival of Passover to commemorate the flight of years relights from Egyptian
slavery.Thank you my friend for your kind holiday greeting the people of Israel eagerly
await your historic visit Mr. Netanyahu tweeted which was retweeted by the PMO. PM Modi
visit would be the first time that an Indian Prime Minister would step on Israeli soil
since 1992 when the two countries established full diplomatic relations. PM Modi and Mr. Netanyahu did meet on the
margins of the United Nation General Assembly in New York in September 2014, it was then
the first meeting of the Prime ministers of the two countries in over a decade. The government had not announced the dates
for PM Modi visit but the groundwork for the visit has been going on for months. On the cards are multiple deals fields for
the Spike anti-tank missiles for the Indian Army and Barrack 8 air defense missiles for
the Navy valued at 1.5 billion dollars. Israel is already the third largest arms supplier
to India over the last 3 years.


  1. Except Saudi Arabia i do agree that a new vigour has been provided by PM Modi to foreign policy.

    Saudi King salman visited India during manmohan Singh's tenure in 2006 as our republic day chief guest and we signed a Delhi declaration… also manmohan Singh visited Saudi Arabia in 2010, so we cannot say that India ignored Saudi Arabia because simply putting it, it is the largest source of oil for us.

    Video maker should have taken UAE into account which agreed to invest 75 billion $ via its sovergin wealth fund….also mention could have been made of Japan who signed nuclear deal with us despite we not signing NPT…and since Japan is the only country to face the brunt of a nuke this assumes significance.

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  3. my brothers and sister if you all want to see india become a super power please never vote for khangrees
    vote only for modi
    Best PM

  4. congress offended me just by calling Hindu a terrorist. screw them. i will never vote congress in my life.

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