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So what is going on everyone, Eoin here from Country Munch. Today we’re gonna talk about five daily habits that can make you more productive and get you on the path to a healthier happier life So tip number one, and I always give this, is drink more water. Our bodies are made up of mainly water, It’s like 70 or 80% water. So we have to keep replenishing our body and that’ll detoxify our body as well So for a male, you should be aiming for 2-4 litres if you’re training like myself. I’ve always aimed for four if not more litres. For a female 1 – 3 litres is perfect again If you’re training a little bit more for sweating a lot But you will be absolutely astounded by the effects of drinking more water. Your skin will get clearer. You will have more mental clarity You’ll feel better. You’ll feel fresher, you we will actually look better. I mean everything gets better when you drink more water So tip number one just increase your water intake. You could use cordials or you could use any other water flavor enhancements to make it easier. I often use my MiWadi makes a little bit easier can get in that amount of water. So number two is eat more fibre. So again, you know my brand my ethos is all about healthy wholesome home-cooked food and using like ingredient from the garden, using fresh produce and in that comes a lot of fibre. So again when we’re incorporating a lot of vegetables into our diet we’re getting that fibre content. It’s gonna be great for our gut health and again, really really helps us with our appetite with our digestion. It’s gonna keep us fuller for longer and again has a ton of benefits here in terms of like micronutrients and all that kind of stuff. So aim to eat as much fiber as you can you usually it’s about 10 grams of fiber per thousand calories, but again things like wholesome food like vegetables Like nuts and seeds have fiber Oats have fiber a lot of carb sources stuff like that. So really make sure you’re getting a fiber in. So more in the lifestyle side of things. Keep a diary This is something I’ve been doing for the last two years and it has been like pivotal. My kind of life changed when I started keeping a diary because everything I wanted to do I wrote it down and I got it done. and you would be absolutely amazed the small little things that you Constantly tell yourself you need to do but you never do write it down and it will get done So at the end of every day, I sit down I write up my to-do list for the next day So then when I get up in the morning straight away, I know what I’m doing I’m not looking to see I’m not trying to make excuses I know exactly what needs to be done And if the can’t get done that day is push on to the next day So with the diary, I do a lot of gratification as well, but we can discuss that in another video I just write down three things and I’m grateful for every single day So the fourth thing is set at bedtime and set a wake-up time to stick to them One of the main reasons we get this kind minute jet-like at the weekends because we may work a job from You know 9:00 to 5:00 all week. We have our set bedtimes and set sleeping schedules and on the weekends We completely throw off our circadian rhythm. So then on Monday, Our body isn’t used to it and it’s out of sync so try and stick to time you get up every day and time you go to bed every day. Your body will get used to it, it gets so much easier getting up. It makes it easier going to sleep at night and again while we’re on the topic Sleep is absolutely crucial. You should be aiming for seven to nine hours of sleep every night in a dark room. That’s not so hot trying to avoid any blue light you’re screened an hour beforehand and It would make such a big difference to your life. Finally take time out every day to do something you enjoy. So even though I love what I do it can get stressful I know there are times when my phone is ringing, my emails are coming in, people are talking to me, theres food to be cooked It gets stressful. Everything up here get clouded. That’s why it’s important every single day to take time out to do something you enjoy. Now for me, That’s exercise I’ve done a lot of meditation and mindset and I’ve tried I tried a lot of meditation practices and the best one from my own mental clarity is always exercise It is an hour of the day Nobody stops me. I don’t bring my phone. It is one hour and im focusing in the moment. I’m living in the moment I’m training. When I’m in the gym, I’m in the gym. I’m not thinking of anything else I don’t have my laptop or my phone on me. So find what that is for you Maybe it’s a walk with your dog. Maybe it’s a swim or a run. Maybe it’s dancing Could be martial arts, could be absolutely anything but finding that time in the day to just pull back the reins a little bit Clear your mind and then you can go at it again 100% and you’re ready to go started this by unique habits Really really simple, but even if you can start to implement one or two, it will make such a big difference Don’t go and try and start all five once maybe take one for a week Try and increase your water intake next week; the week after maybe eat more fiber; try and find a bed time that suits you and then As you progress I guarantee you you will find that you’re more productive You’re more organized and you are enjoying life more at the end of the day We don’t have a lot of time on this earth So it’s important to enjoy as much of it as we can. So, thank you for watching Don’t forget if you want to order the food go online. You can order there You can collect it here in FIT100 or it can be delivered in Limerick. As always. Thank you for watching and keep on cooking

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