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5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU

5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU

– [Voiceover] In many ways,
the British vote to leave the European Union, during
their referendum on the 23rd of June, 2016, was
the first crack in the foundations of the EU. However, the question
remains, will there be other fissures in this
political institution? These are the five
countries that are most likely to leave
the European Union. When it comes to the
Netherlands, there certainly is no lack of a
desire, to at least, question Dutch membership
in the European Union. In fact, the Dutch
politician, Geert Wilders, publicly declared that
the Netherlands deserved its own referendum, shortly
after the United Kingdom’s, saying that, “We want to be
in charge of our own country, “our own money, our own borders, “and our own immigration policy. “As quickly as possible,
the Dutch need to get “the opportunity to have
their say about Dutch “membership of the
European Union.” It turns out that the
Dutch people may, in fact, be rallying behind what
Mr. Wilders has said. As recent polling from the
Pew Research Center shows, about 46% of all Dutch
people have at least an unfavorable view
of the European Union, and that 54% of the
entire population of the Netherlands
desires a referendum. This means that only a
small percentage swing in favor of exiting, is all that is required for
successful vote to leave. The good news is that if
the Netherlands were ever to leave the European
Union, their nation boasts a strong mercantile tradition,
with the Port of Rotterdam, still being the sixth most
active port in the entire world. The Dutch also have strong
ties with the countries that form the shell of their
once great colonial empire. If there’s going to be a
push for the Netherlands to leave the European
Union, it’s likely that the Partij Voor De Vriheid
will be leading the charge. After the United Kingdom’s vote
to leave the European Union, national front leader, and
French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, changed
her Twitter picture, briefly, to a picture
of the UK flag. She even stated that, “This
is a victory for freedom! “As I’ve been saying for
years, we must now have “the same referendum in France,
and other EU countries.” Perhaps emboldened by the United
Kingdom’s successful leave campaign, she pledged, that
if she is elected, there will be an EU referendum, within six
months of her taking office. However, while there is a clear
desire in the political cast of frats, it remains to be
seen if the French population at large, will rally
behind any major efforts to leave
the European Union. The thing to consider,
though, is that France is one of the linch pins of
the EU, and if it goes, its departure could reignite
the fires of centuries long national conflict, with
countries such as Britain and Germany, that were
long thought dead. Italy is another country that is surprisingly Euro skeptical. This likely has more to do with economic reasons,
than any others. Italy forms the I in
the famous PIGS acronym, that lists the European
nations that pose the greatest threat to the
stability of the Euro. Many analysts believe that
the Italian banking system would’ve collapsed, had
it not been kept alive by cash infusions from
the European Central Bank. Certainly, the
Italian bonds market seems to back up
this conclusion. Over the past decade, Italian
bonds have been teetering, just above the brink of
negative interest rates, and 64% of Italian banking bonds are held by small
Italian investors. This is a recipe for disaster. As a result, many in Italy
have proposed an abandonment of the Euro, in favor of a
return to the Lira, to allow for greater Italian control,
over their own currency. Whether or not there
is an EU referendum, it’s clear that Italian debt
has reached unsustainable proportions, with it
now reaching seven times the size of all
Greece’s sovereign debt. Meanwhile, just as is the
case with the Netherlands and France, prominent
politicians have made very public calls for an
exit from the European Union. Matteo Salvini,
who is the leader of the Northern League party
in Italy, said in a tweet, “Hooray for the courage
of free citizens! “Heart, brains,
and pride defeated “lies, threats, and blackmail. “Thank you, UK, now
it is our turn!” A Danish referendum,
in December of 2015, firmly repudiated calls to hand over more legal
powers to the EU. This referendum is a clear
sign that many Danes’ views of the Union, are
beginning to sour. However, this fact alone
is not enough to firmly prove whether Danes,
as a whole, are truly willing to leave
the European Union. Danes generally fear
that more emigration could threaten their
precarious welfare system. It’s likely that if
Denmark were to leave the European Union, the
United Kingdom and Denmark would seek to create their
own political block, along with other Euro skeptic nations,
to counter the entrenched powers that would remain
within the European Union. As these fledgling
nations will have to band together to make it
without Brussels. The fact that Greece is likely
to leave the European Union, should not come as a
surprise to anyone. In fact, the nation has
openly debated leaving the Euro, many times,
before the British EU referendum was even announced. Greece is also suffering
under the heel of austerity, which is seen as a form
of German dominion, as well as crushing interest
rates on the sovereign debt. In fact, according
to some polls, 71% of those in Greece,
see the EU unfavorably. While the looming Greek
debt crisis has fallen out of the public consciousness,
it’s likely it will rear it’s ugly head again
sooner, rather than later. Ironically, the greatest threat
to Greece’s EU membership, does not come from
a referendum pushed by anti-EU right wing
parties, but rather, the likely event of Greece
being expelled from the Union, in order to maintain
order and stability, between the remaining members
inside of the European Union. Do you live in Europe? Do you want to stay
in the European Union? Let us know in the
comment section below. For more top lists, just
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out our other lists. Thanks for watching,
and thanks for learning.

100 comments on “5 Countries Most Likely To Leave The EU

  1. This is a joke… yes the alt right is always willing their country to leave the E.U. But they hardly count for more than 25% of the voters at best. This isn’t information. Is this prepared by the Russians or by Steve Bannon and the Trump administration? Both willing to destroy the EU construction by fear of business competition for the US and to preserve their military current superiority for Russia. TRLLS AND LIES here.

  2. The comments on Italy are TOTAL crap! Our banking systems has received 2Billion Euros of state aid, versus the 282 billion of Germany. Get your facts right first!

  3. Before anyone jumps ship, lets see what happens to UK first, if they make it to shore without being eaten by sharks, then lets all leave, but how do we stick together or do I have to get my gun?

  4. Although I am an Indian, my conscience tells me that for European countries leaving the E U will be like North Korea out of the UN!
    And then, soon in Europe world war 3 will originate!

  5. The EU is fucked up! If you love your country?!! Then serve your country for free and you will earn real life "FREEDOM"!!!!!!

  6. The Greeks might be be well advised to remember they only have a country because of EU money propping up their economy. If they want to leave, you can rest assured that most of the rest of the EU population would have absolutely no problem with that! As to the Dutch, you completely ignore the effect of the Dutch electoral system, with governments ALWAYS being coalitions. Even if 46 percent of the Dutch say they don't like the EU much, that doesn't mean 46 percent would vote for leaving it. In elections, any Dutch party will be happy to get 20 percent of the vote. Historically, that's the most Wilders could ever hope for and he would be unlikely to ever be invited to join any coalition. And wouldn't Trump and Putin just love to see the EU break up. All these little countries all being left to their lonesomes, without any support and ripe for the picking.

  7. After reading all the comments, 2 years after the referendum, and see all the things that came out of it I would say that it wasn't the best Idea. I respect that UK wanted sovereignty, and I believe that it can be achieved even staying in the EEU. I think that it's easier to change something when you have a saying in the matter. The world is changing rapidly, and countries around the world are more dependent from each other then before. Alliances are a must. Of course EEU is not the best and fairest union but that can be changed if those who don't agree with the current situation would come to the table with solutions and ideas to help out. Saying I don't agree with what you say, and not giving an solutions doesn't help or change things.

  8. Denmark wants independence. Only Danish politicians and eu lovers are still fanatic with the eu here in Denmark.


  9. Denmark wants independence and we want it now. By the way, Germany has still stolen land from Kruså to Ejdern. This piece of land, Denmark has never got back.

  10. PIIGS. You forgot Ireland. Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain. There is an exit campaign in Ireland at the moment.

  11. I'm from Denmark and feel pretty much like Neo when he's told the truth in the simulation program in "The Matrix": "Let me out…! I want out…!!"

  12. Out out Ireland needs out its the mass replacement off our European sisters and brothers by Muslims invaders and Africans freeloaders our government needs hanged for treason crimes against ther native people

  13. Is this what you wanted Nazi pigs?
    Is this why you started 2 world wars?
    Well here you go, you now have Europe and a failing ass Union which ruins the economies of countries like Greece,Italy,Portugal,Ireland etc.
    Just good job Germany!

  14. Fuck marine le pen she is big rasist and if now France is in this situation that is all because of she.

  15. France rejected the Lisbon treaty in a referendum but Sarkozy overturned the people's democracy. Not the first time this has happened. EU does not believe in the people's vote and is inherently undemocratic that risks leading to further large scale unrest such as the yellow vests we see today

  16. Uhm I’m from britain and I am too young to actually vote but, we are leaving in March I think and it dosen’t look like it’s going very well tbh.. 😐

  17. LOL… the Italians are already backtracking like all the other US/NATO –
    oops, sorry – "populist" stooges in Europe – just look at the brexit
    fiasco, Spain and the so-called "left wing" LOL "communist" treasonous
    amerikanakia muppets in Greece!

    Fracking hell…. ENOUGH of all these weapons of mass 'distraction' and THIS
    little PRESSTITUTE STOOGE… slowly but surely there are now more
    references to the "financial services" so maybe it's time we all stop
    deluding ourselves and realize this brexit fiasco is now backfiring big time
    thanks to a great big mammoth in the Room…
    which is the city of London parasites having a tantrum over new
    EU tax and bankster "financial services" regulations – especially the
    clamping down on ponzi scams and casino derivatives… It has been
    blatantly obvious to anyone really paying attention that all this "EU
    REFERENDUM" fiasco has nothing to do with the interests or "protection
    of the British people" (just look at the tories – and "new labour's" –
    track record) or from the so called threat – LOL – of "mass immigration"
    and everything to do with the "ring fencing" and protection of the
    parasites in the city of London, which is the most deregulated, money
    laundering, TAX HAVEN and ponzi scam cesspit in the world. Ironically,
    thanks to the parasite's infighting and greed, this now looks like it's
    backfiring as well… And as for "taking back control" from "unelected
    officials" to protect so-called – LOL – "sovereignty", just check out
    who sits to the right of the speaker in the "mother of all parliaments".
    Or does anyone really think the city is "the biggest financial center
    in the world" because they have your and the country's 'interest' at


  19. I'm romanian and most people want Romania to leave the E.U because they're nasty people. Y'aal don't know us apparently. And I would get outta the E.U tbh.

  20. Ireland shudnt of joined bc we need true independence over hundreds of years of being ruled by other countries now its time for our true independence

  21. as an irishman i think the eu is a sinking ship simple as, England were just smart enough to pull away before she goes under and good god dam riddance to it when it does happen

  22. Greeks most beautiful country in Europe and people, and suffering so much because EU, EU is dictatorship not democracy, 🤗🇵🇱

  23. The European Union has been a failure and this damage will be felt in Europe for centuries. In fact, allot of it is iriversable and much credit goes to Angela Merkel. She will go down as one of the worst politicians in modern history.

  24. Czech Citizen here and my opinion is that current leadership of the EU needs to be purged there's no way around it. These corrupt elitists are absolutely out of touch with us citizens which they should represent and care for. If you purge them and reform the EU we can finally move forward if not I'm for the exit of Czech Republic from EU.

  25. from Britain and we are currently having problems with this Brexit its starting to be just a disaster

  26. You should be ashamed of yourself all of you dumb people thinking that leaving the eu would do any good to any of our countries. We are lucky to live in the eu. This union has way more advantages than disadvantages. You all are idiots!

  27. I wish uk would actually leave…no deal…no more money to keep the rotten commissions pension pots…no more eu


  29. I am British and I don’t want to stay in the EU but unfortunately we no longer live in a democracy we was supposed to leave on the 29th March by British law now I’ve been told we are leaving on the 12th April then The 30th June now it’s been pushed back to the 31st October I doubt we will ever leave the EU aka one world globalist government

  30. Portugal is Britain's oldest ally, we should take their lead and leave the EU. We are one of the smallest countries in Europe and cannot have an open door migration policy, we will be overrun in the next couple of decades.

  31. Why would France leaving the EU "reignite the fire of centuries long national conflict with the UK or Germany"? Since when did the UK have any hostility towards France? That's a little scaremongering isn't it?

  32. I am an Australian and I would like to see individual European countries take back control of their economies and borders.
    Before it's too late.

  33. Nobody leaves EU…get over it. if I was the Pew Center's managing-director would have resigned in disgrace before I close down the Pew Center. Accountability ZERO, all those who made biased predictions or just failed with their predictions about the BREXIT should be held accountable…they sell themselves as experts, so either they are lying because they are not or they are but they are failed ones, aka losers as Trump says…This video either was a propaganda to see EU broken in splinter states and manipulate them as always happened with empires in the past or is the work of big-deal loser who couldn't see how messy the Brexit would be…

  34. No prominent politicians made any claim for exiting from the EU in Greece. The article is either bogus or poorly searched.  In Greece only the Nazi Party Golden Dawn, and the KKE, the Soviet-Communist party are the only ones that desire Grexit. There are individuals of course but not a single prominent one, and Greece had about 87% pro-EU stance even at the highs of the crisis…their dispute with the EU were about the austerity measures and payment arrangement not exit from the EU. I remember in 2015 before the June referendum regarding austerity measures many prominent so called experts predicted and wished a Greek return to drachma…they should have their high-school diploma taken away…Get over, the EU will be by 2030 a global superpower and every single country including the Republic of England by then they will use only the euro currency….

  35. I live in Australia and I am so glad we dont have any E.U. equivelent in our part of the world, and if we did, I know no Australian government would ever open our country to a conglomerate of countries to take control of our borders, laws, and currency and also have to pay several $Billions a year to be part of the club

  36. well, EU is better than fight each other again.. manipulated by the oligarhs of the world, and is always Joe and Geoghe fighting and died for the rich and famous to enrich themselves… I was born in the early 50ties and I am lucky to be alive and without a major WAR in Europe and remember, it is the whites against whites for the globalists. super rich to divide and control the weak and natural richness,

  37. You can help fight against censorship, real information is being banned from search results…

  38. One thing I learn if you leave EU and Ur Governments rope Ur country like in Greece who will help Ur countries remember this u need a very good Government I remember this in 2001 we had a bad yr I love have of my supper because of our bad yr and we will have another I am from Australia

  39. I voted to leave the EU, I am one of the 17million people that voted out and we will not stop in our quest to get out, we are fighting our corrupt government and they will not win

  40. The Dutch population is in an overwelming majority pro EU. Mr Wilders in the last pol has10 % of the votes. Since the brexit trubles more and more dutch people are pro EU than three years ago. It is all wishfull thinking of the brexeteers. We are not so mad to leave the largest economic block in the world and change to some WTO noncence that is a second car were the EU trade deals are a Rolls Roys. Brussels makes many mistakes and is sometime a pain in the ass but that is nothing compered to the advantages the membership has.

  41. ONE out all out after all we are a UNION that what are communist left wing socialist unions tell us so come on comrades let's get out.

  42. I am romanian. Romania is a colony of the EU, they dominate the market in Romania (hipermarkets, banks), majority of romanians migrated and work in UK, Italy, Spain , France, Germany etc. 80% of romanians things EU is good( stupid people). I just want to leave , destroyed EU – ROEXIT

  43. I’m from United Kingdom & I wanted to leave the EU & I hate the burócratas elite of Europe . But I love 💕 Europe 🙏🙏.

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