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400,000 Children Lost Insurance Coverage Thanks To Trump’s Policies

400,000 Children Lost Insurance Coverage Thanks To Trump’s Policies

Just to give you a decent example of how cruel
the Republican party truly is here in the United States. I’m going to give you some numbers here. Since 2016 more than 400,000 children in the
United States have lost healthcare coverage through Medicaid because of Republican policies,
400,000 children do not have any kind of healthcare coverage because of changes Republicans made
to existing laws and standards to get on Medicaid. One of the things Republicans have done state
by state wherever they can, is to change who’s eligible for Medicaid. Change the requirements for getting in and
change how frequently you have to go. Report how much money you’re making so they
can make sure you’re not defrauding the government by saying you’re poor, when actually you’re
living high on the hog. They want to make sure people do that. Oh, and if you don’t respond in time to these
little letters they send out, they just immediately kick you off and you’re no longer eligible
for it. You’ve got to start the process all over again,
which can take months, months that some of these children may not have without healthcare
coverage. The other thing these Republicans have done
at the state level is they have not expanded or accepted the federal funding that the affordable
care act grants them to expand Medicaid. And again, as a result from 2016 to 2018 400,000
children in this country lost their healthcare coverage. There is no other word to describe this other
than cruel and it’s not cruel by accident. You know, it’s not like Republicans didn’t
know this was going to happen. No, this is why they did it. Ever since the affordable care act even became
an idea long before it was even voted on, Republicans wanted it dead. They wanted the public to see the whole program
as a failure. They watered it down. They tried to make it as weak as possible. Then they all voted against it anyway, but
it’s still passed because Democrats had the majority, so the law became very weak, but
effective in in many areas, including this Medicaid expansion that was great. Millions more people got insurance because
of this and the Republicans saw this and they said, dude, we can’t let that happen. People are going to get insurance. They’re going to think it’s a good law. We’ve got to do something to sabotage it,
and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for years now, 10 years to be exact. For 10 years they have been sabotaging this
legislation just to show people that it doesn’t work, but had they not been sabotaging it,
it actually would have worked out decently enough to get more people coverage instead
of kicking 400,000 children off their insurance programs over the last two years, the uninsured
rates are higher and rising faster in States that have refused to accept federal funding
through the affordable care act to expand Medicaid to low income parents and other adults
in low wage jobs. That’s directly from this report from the
Boston globe and I wanted to read that and I may even read it again in a second because
I want people to fully understand what’s happening. This isn’t because the affordable care act
is awful. It’s awful because of what Republicans have
done to it. And currently we have an administration that’s
arguing in court to kill it even further, the budget that house Democrats actually just
voted with Republicans to pass includes more cuts to the affordable care act, which means
this time next year, I’ll be sitting here telling you about maybe a couple hundred thousand
more kids who don’t have insurance because of what the Republicans are doing to them. And the most important thing to remember is
that this is not an accident. This isn’t a byproduct of the free market. This was by design. And the Republicans are the ones who made
that design.

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  1. CRLUEL, HATEFUL, SPITEFUL TRAITORS to OUR CONSTITUTION, to OUR COUNTRY and to OUR CHILDREN 👶. These are the Friends if The UNBORN but after they are BORN To HELL with Them. LOCK 🔒 the CHILDREN UP IN CAGES, ABUSE THEM, STARVE THEM, LET THEM SUFFER and DIE.I Hope they remember that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It will come back to these EVIL MONSTERS maybe NOT in the same way but they will go through what AGONY they are putting these CHILDREN through


  3. Cut defense funding by 25% and use it on education and healthcare. Military contractors have made enough money from unjust wars.

  4. If their parents are drumpf supporters is okay, they are the next generation of deplorables, the sooner they die the better.

  5. NOT living “high on the hog” either! You made $1,800 this month instead of $1,700?- NO help for you!! 🤬😡🤯

  6. Republicans and trump don't care about your children and barely theirs. Hope you all can live with yourselves. You are all disgusting and I hope you rot in hell.

  7. They rip children from their parents and keep them in cages. Why should they be any more compassionate to children on medicaid?
    That's Repubs – make women give birth, no matter the circumstance, so the Repubs can mistreat the children after they're born. It's inexcusably sick.
    It's the "right to lifers" that are the first to call for the death penalty.

  8. MASS GENOCIDE,………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  9. I'm an independent. I don't believe in voting strictly party lines. It makes you bias. I'm on Medicare/Medicaid. I got a letter from the government asking a bunch of questions about my disability and if I can work. I wasn't pissed off about receiving it and needing to fill it out. I just did it so I can continue to receive taxpayer benefits. Which I am extremely grateful for. What's so hard about that? Stop acting like a victim because you have to fill out paperwork and prove you aren't scamming the system. Next month I have to provide information about my income and bills to continue to get my benefits from Washington St. I have had to do this every year for the last 15 years. Every year my caseworker comes out to interview me so I can get approval for hours for a caregiver. Same questions for (So. Cal & Wa. St.) almost 29 years. I'm a quadriplegic. I haven't improved. Those are the rules and I happily do it. I have zero issues with the paperwork and proving things. Taxpayers pay my bill. I'm grateful. I got hurt at 17.

  10. For all those families that lost their insurance, go to their local church for help. Let's see how much help these churches give them. 400,000 families show up..Go see how charitable they will be. The government won't help. The churches with all their money and volunteering? Imagine if millions of uninsured people showed up at churches for help for treatment and hospital bills. Churches are worth a crap ton of money.

  11. In a year? Don't tell how many lost their coverage.
    In a year, tell how many have died because of this. How many have practically been murdered.
    Tell us, how many the Republican Party has defined as 'Life unworthy of life' in other words.

  12. These horrific polices are just the beginning. We must overwhelm the vote for Bernie Sanders to stop these corrupted Republicans & corporate Democrats.

  13. Well, there is really no other way now. Sanders 2020 republicans had their chanwe can never be trusted to our treaties we agreed tooce to " make America great again " and instead, made us a laughing stock in the world.

  14. It's Always so Easy for Rich people to decide on these things because it won't effect them at all !! And they Don't give a rats Ass about the common people who are struggling Every day.

  15. Honestly I stop talking to people who voted for this imbecile criminal narcissist trump because I think they are not good people to have a relation with.

  16. They rather spending the money for the bombs what they trowing on the heads of Harmless poor citizens than to use it for healthcare.
    This Satansbreed following the rules of the Devil and still many brainless idiots supporting this Satanic entities …

  17. What? But that's the new Christian thing to do. Evangelicals are excited and judges are more important. That bible bs about caring for the poor and love thy neighbor can come later. Welcome to the American version of christianity.

  18. Supporting Trump is like buying a mutual fund share in murder incorporated, every child he hurts or kill's, every one who dies a preventable death or cries unto God, It's all on you, too….Listen well evangelicals, your being led by pure evil.

  19. What gets me is a vast majority of the recipients of the ACA are low income white Trump supporters. They're shooting themselves in the foot and someday they'll realise their health care insurance is gone and can't get the gunshot wound treated without going bankrupt. Just like the good old days..

  20. Christians been trashing people down thru history., while they ignore the bible but nope run around judging people using gods name in vain blessing people like they have ANY power at all. lol they pick and choose. they sin all week because you can ask a man at a church to bless you and wash all those sins away.. whats the point then? lol whats the word im looking for. its called, ohh hypocrites. there ok with kids in cages, as long as there not white skinned.

  21. Looks as if the goal of Republicans would be to decrease the number of living people wherever they can. Then there would be more unspoiled nature for them to enjoy – all nature without those pesky masses of poor humans who might spoil these great scenic views…

  22. Dude really? Have you had your head in the damn sand for the last 15 yrs? Every year I have to fight, literally fight, to keep my kids medical insurance. This is the way it has been for 15 yrs ( the age of my oldest kid). I went through this crap with Bush, Obama, and now this asshat! This is nothing new. We poor have always had to fight for everything our tax dollars pay for! So sorry baby, but you a day late and a dollar short with this story. As usual.

  23. To summarize this, it is just disgusting. While rich republicans scream fowl that Obama care is broken, and even made the ludicrous claim that Americans don't want Medicare, they have all the resources and all the comforts. I will say it another way, the Republican party is disgusting.

  24. You know what pisses me off more than anything is this.

    An individual who is on State Benefits, they rely on Medicare and food stamps, they live in poverty and yet they belive in Donald Trump and will vote for him in 2020. Belive me if Trump is re-elected you can say goodbye to your food stamps because they will be the first to ho in 2021.

  25. When people dont have insurance, they use the emergency room as their doctors office. They cant pay. Someone has to pay and its usually you. You pay in the form of reduced hours and services and higher deductibles are insurance premiums.

  26. In case there is a disingenous punk who wants to say: "2016… Obama's fault…"

    This has been done at the STATE level!

  27. Unlike Scrooge the Republicans are going to their graves making that burdensome chain. Tiny Tim will die and decrease the "surplus" population. Bob Cratchit will grieve over his dead child for the rest of his life. And in death the Republicans will have contests to admire each others' chains and see who gets the prize for the longest one.


  29. So worried about defrauding the government?? They should be more outraged over all the repubs constantly defrauding the system for way more money than all the social services combined!!

  30. My daughter is one of those children. I tried to reapply but they kept denying her. My husband’s work insurance is so expensive he cant even get it for himself let alone for her.

  31. Trump has ALL The RepubliCons under his Thumb . When Trump says Jump The Scared RepubliCons say How Hi My Master . And we ll know TRUMP DONT CARE for no one other than himself

  32. Yes animal America is great for who for republicans and trumps family politics corruption trumps why you no 👎 cutting al money expense all you family benefits to the poor people fans to trumps putting and White House

  33. So much for the “party of values”. It is a party of Fascist traitors and criminals. It is time to destroy the Republican Party, permanently and immediately.

  34. So whatever happened to the Republican Healthcare plan that Drumpf promised would be announced after the 2018 elections? Dems need to run on this and what just happened with the mandate.

  35. Isn't Trump going after fraud. People who can spend hundreds of dollars a month on their cable bill,porn, and alcohol but cant pay a doctor to see their child? I don't believe President Trump is looking to hurt hard working, honest people. Look what he's done for the veterans!

  36. Republicans make issues a black and white thing. But when it's all said and done the majority of the numbers hurt their base more than any other base. 🤰👶👱‍♂️🧔. All colors middle,low class suffer

  37. Watch who’ll kill Trump if anybody for forcing their parents out of nursing homes back home to who put um in there in the first place. I worked in 6 states and in every single one of um had 90% Esau ppl who rally got visits from anyone. While our ppl keep our peeps at home. Esau is evil and wicked even to their own.

  38. You absolutely cannot pretend to be a Christian and think its okay to hate the poor and sick. The current crop of Republicans and their sympathizers will be remembered in history as the most antichristian group ever to arise in America. Even the Satanists are better Christians than these people.

  39. This is the Pro life party while the children are inside the uterus. Once they're outside the uterus the GOP become the pro death party. So what is the point. For women to suffer in pain giving birth. Then suffer when their babies die after being born because they can't get life saving health care. GOP THE PARTY OF FREAKS AND FEIGNS!

  40. Trump's ok with this because he's sick ,policy makers are ok with this because they know it brings children closer to God

  41. The United States government dosent care the.more they hurt black and minority in America they will . They untied States of America really don't want blacks in America.


  43. Trump also cut out free school lunches, meanwhile we have many , many, families, who are working. And, still are trying to make ends meet…….So, what did they do, cut out the lunches…….A lot of times children don’t eat their breakfast, they hurry, hurry, to catch the school bus. Or are still trying to find their school book, or getting their shoes on, etc. The Trump Family has No Concept, Of even earning a dollar? They had it all handed to them as little kids……Very Sad, all I can say…..

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