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3 minutes, 3 messages: Social Policy as a Tool for Transformation

3 minutes, 3 messages: Social Policy as a Tool for Transformation

Hi, everyone. My name’s Ilcheong Yi, senior research coordinator at United Nations Research Institute for Social Development I am the author of chapter 2 on social policy of UNRISD 2016 Flagship Report Today I’m going to talk about findings and lessons of the chapter 2 on social policy of the Flagship Report In order to realize the vision for transformation and attain the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 targets We need equally ambitious and transformative means of implementation. I think social policy—if it’s appropriately designed and implemented—can be a meaningful and genuine implementation tool for realizing this vision and implementing Sustainable Development Goals and targets The 2016 Flagship Report of UNRISD reveals interesting findings and lessons about social policy innovations around the world I’m going to talk about three key points of these findings First, in those countries with transformative outcomes, innovative policies such as eco-social ones have been implemented and they incorporate eco-social concerns into economic and social policies You can find examples such as Mahatma Gandhi schemes and Bolsa Verde in the Report Second, social policies, labor market regulations and legal frameworks with the financing of contributory and non-contributory social protection programmes supported incorporation of informal workers and previously excluded, marginalised groups into social service provisions. One of the key examples would be non-contributory basic social pension which you can find in Latin America and in other countries Third, reforms expanded possibilities of claiming rights and enforcing entitlements instead of handouts You can find so many examples in constitutional revisions and establishment of new constitutions in Latin American countries, in South Asian countries. We hope everybody with a stake in implementing Sustainable Development Goals and targets can get a lesson from these findings of UNRISD 2016 Flagship Report Thank you for watching! If you have an interest in the chapter on social policy or in the whole report, you can click on this link And you can download the full Report for free.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the important messages. I am Full Professor at Coimbra University (Portugal) and a Research in Social Policy and sustainability. I would like to share only 2 concerns: 1) There are excellent social Polices but there are also huge gaps between Social in action and Social by the "Book". The implementation is rather difficult because it requires also the follow up of the front line technicians. 2) We are observing too many trends , methodologies and absolute wonderful projects but its always a growing up number of different ideas and interventions. How we may build a meta-analysis research on all the work done in order to obtain concrete patterns and concrete methodologies which may be transferred and disseminate it? Its time to make a pause, isn't it? Also to make a reflexive review and try to understand it better… If you would like to discuss this my contact is [email protected] Thank you. Clara

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