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7 comments on “3 Countries Hardest Hit By Coronavirus Record Highest Single-Day Death Toll

  1. It is as fanny as the anecdote story about frauder in jail, who came into the jail community with the new cards game named "dick-head". The inmates asked him how to play. And he say – give everybody the cards and drop them on the table and cry: "Dick-head"! who did it first – win the game..
    So, they get the cards and dropped them crying "dick-head"…Look at, the frauder placed his cards last and said: "Joker-dick-head"!!

    When the PANDEMIC will be finished, get prepared yourself for the Corono-Joker…

  2. Hospital tells people not sick enough to go home is fuxking crazy at this moment. We can see how unprepared are in so many countries until we see so many vulnerable people died.

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