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2020 Dems spar over Social Security policies: Report

2020 Dems spar over Social Security policies: Report

100 comments on “2020 Dems spar over Social Security policies: Report

  1. Every year retirees get a COLA allowance. Those making less than 800.00 a year get $1.00. Under the last Administration 1.00 in 8 years. It's disgraceful.

  2. Well if we didn't have illegals collecting 5000 dollars a month and congress wasn't in the pay for play scheme and still collected their benefits and retirement and not using social security as a slush fund…maybe…just maybe social security would work…

  3. The politicians on both sides screw Social security for American. How you give refugees more monthly payment then American retirees! Why raise age to retirement age! I retiring in 5 years at 65. Stop 🛑 messing social security money! It’s not fair!

  4. If social security money, had been invested as it should have been, and not stolen from time and again, there would be more than enough money for retirees. The left had argued that investing the money was too risky, but if it's well diversified, then the only way it is lost. Is if the entire country collapsed. If that happens, the dollar will be worthless anyway. No wealthy person sits on their money for fear of losing it. They invest their money so that it works for them.

  5. Not only are people living longer. There are more people surviving diseases that used to help keep the population in check.

  6. Social Security is for everyone no matter race, religion, Social Standing and anyone who wishes to diminish that I prey the creator causes you to suffer a unbearable life until you change your ideas. Social Security should be automatically sent to every man, woman, child and especially those yet to be born or those aborted and left to their own devices.

  7. They need to stop raising the retirement age and keep there hands off of that money,some people are living longer this doesn't mean we will all live longer.

  8. Fake Indian warren and worst America open pedophile wow.. what has America come to.. God please help this country from these low lives that want to run this country…

  9. If you can read people, you'll see that Bernie speaks in such a way that always betrays his true, Marxist intentions…

  10. The Dems have been rolling out "… the end of Social Security.." crap since it worked back in 1964. It's usually "… he wants WWIII" "… he will end Social Security"… and then the Dems bring David Duke out of obscurity. Can't ANY of them actually present a record of accomplishments they can run on? Always the same tired story.

  11. We have millions of people working for cash under the table. The government needs to go after these employers. This is one of the big problems with illigals. The workers and the employers deal in cash. I know a successful Mexican restaurant that pays most of their employees cash under the table.. It's not fair !

  12. I get sick of politicians calling it an entitlement. It was mandatory withdrawals as we worked all those years and it was for our financial stability as we got older. Take that away or reduce it and so many seniors will be living in tents on the street. Not exactly a place for mom!

  13. Anyone can look on YouTube for the video of Joe Biden calling to cut social security it’s been online for a LONG time. Bernie 2020

  14. Rich people and those that get" good" health care can live roughly to their 80's!!!!
    Which isn't even the majority. Get real!

  15. Stupid, stupid and stupid. Nothing to see here except mouths moving. I mean talking about people retiring from their job and then being a consultant – people needing Social Security don't get those opportunities or have consulting abilities. A very stupid conversation by people who are too far away from having to depend on Social Security after living in 20 years of economic hell. And calling it an entitlement is ignoring the money that was collected from the people over decades and is finally being given back to them. Stupid people!

  16. The Federal Govt owes SS over $3.2 Trillion, because Every President ,starting Ronnie the Senile has been raiding it for their pet projects..There are 15-17 Million on SS Disability…..Obama dumped 24 Million of his People on Medicaid and there are unknown Millions of Children drawing their Parents SS because one or both has Died……None of these were EVER intended for the Program..If the Politicians want yo expand the Welfare State…Tax the Globalists…Not my SS…Now we are required to listen to these Globalist Parasites contend that SS is Bankrupt and would have us living in the gutter if they had their way……..They are ALL LIARS…..These Bloviating Blood Suckers and the Democrats and the Republicans both…Go out and get a Real Job ..

  17. It’s not an entitlement Rick Flair wanna be. I worked my whole life and fed into this system and tie guys like you have always looked at it as your personal bank account. You’re the reason average Americans don’t trust finance people

  18. Biden was there when Obama stoled every bit of the Social Security money. And there was a law not to do that another example of Obama's corruption


  20. You pay in you need to get paid back raising it to 80 when I know I won't live that long my job field why do I want to keep bringing home 6 figures I can say screw it get disability milk it to 85 I pay a lot in taxes I need my social security I paid it in I want it back 62 if you work longer you get heavily taxed so why is this a big deal

  21. Warrens Mentor Hillary Clinton.

  22. Stop sending Our Taxpayers Fund's to Foreign Country's that Hate US, and Supporting their Militarys!!! America First!! Our funds should go to Seniors, Disabled, Veterans and Our Hungry and Poor!!! Enough is TOOOOO Much!!!

  23. The Video is NOT doctored. Quid Pro Joe did call for Cuts in Social Security in the 1990s early 2000's!
    Social Security is NOT an Entitlement ! You Must work and earn so many credits to receive S.S. !

  24. The government takes some of money for my retirement for 50 years. Don't call it a benefit. Don't call it an entitlement. You can call it my money. The government is giving me back my money. If I could opt out, I would rather just have all my money back now.

  25. Social Security is the 8th Plank of the Communist manifesto. There is NO PROPERTY RIGHT in Social Security, so says the SCOTUS. Social Security is a Tontine insurance Ponzi/Taxation scheme. Its a voluntary TAXATION scheme that no parent should ever legally consent to sign children up for. Quotes: “In Flemming v. Nestor, decided in 1960, the Supreme Court ruled that Social Security is an umbrella term for two schemes that are legally unrelated.  One is a taxation scheme, the other a welfare scheme.  Workers and their families have no legal claim on the tax payments that they make into the US Treasury or that are made on their behalf.  Those funds are gone, commingled with the general assets of the US Government.  This decision rested on a previous case, Helvering v. Davis, in which the Court ruled that Social Security was not an insurance program.” – PropertyRights The Hidden Issue of Social Security Reform by Charles Rounds; Helvering v. Davis, 301 US 619 (1937).

    The United States Supreme Court in 1937 validated Social Security as an exercise of the Constitutional taxing power of Congress for the benefit of the general fund of the United States Treasury. The Supreme Court also said that “Congress could, in its future discretion, spend that money for whatever Congress then judged to be the general welfare of the country” having “no constitutional power to earmark or segregate certain kinds of tax proceeds for certain purposes, whether the purposes be farm-price supports, foreign aid or social security payments.”

    While the system of Federal Social Security was “sold as if it were insurance” it was not. There is a great deception, a strong delusion, that social security taxes are payments of insurance premiums to obtain specified benefits at a specified time. There is no such right. According to the Social Security Tax Act the government has been under no contractual obligation to make any return payment from the very beginning and has carried the provision that, “The right to alter, amend, or repeal any provision of this act is hereby reserved to the Congress.” Therefore “Congress could continue to collect the so-called social security pay roll taxes even though Congress discontinued all social security benefit payments.”

    "The Social Security Act does not require a person to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to live and work in the United States, nor does it require an SSN simply for the purpose of having one. However, if someone works without an SSN, we cannot properly credit the earnings for the work performed." – Charles Mullen, Associate Commissioner, Office of Public Inquiries, Social Security Administration. Source: A letter from the Social Security Administration, signed by Charles Mullen, to Mr. Scott McDonald, dated March 18, 1998.

  26. If the government could keep their hands out of the S.S. honeypot then the fund would be ok & I'm sick and tired of seeing S.S. being handed out to people that never paid into it, retirement age & disabled immigrants should not recieve a dime without first contributing. America is NOT responsible for the health and well being of the word especially since we have so much homelessness, a crumbling infrastructure and a failing education system.

  27. All I know is I’ve paid into SS all my life and still have 12 years until I can retire. If SS is gone then, I’m suing the Government. 😡

  28. Anyone over 67 should be federal tax exempt, they've already paid their entire lives. Screw the goobermint thieves.

  29. Ever try getting a job in your 60's, 70's, or 80's????? If you raise the retirement age, who will employ these older workers? Are they all expected to be Walmart greeters??

  30. Bernie's the only candidate that's fighting for the working class. If we can fund endless wars and bailout banks we can fund social security.

  31. Social Security is NOT an entitlement, it's money I have paid in all the years I worked so I would have something to fall back on! If it's an entitlement stop taking it out of people's paychecks!!!!

  32. Pocahontas and quid pro joe Bernie the commie all unbelievably UN electable scum geez really?

    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. If we have worked, and paid for it. Yes, we should be entitled to it. If the government would have kept their greasy hands off Social security, we wouldn't be probably in this bad spot, that we are today.

  34. Funnily enough, a lot of people don't support social security being cut the way Biden, and all the republicans seem to desire.

    Stop the fed from trying to loot it, and raise the cap on contributions.

  35. social security is lying to people, my brother and sister and father and husband NEVER collected a penny, they passed away before being able to collect and my mother only collected 3 years of social security  and I am only able to collect 1 / 2 of my husbands social security!   The government took MONEY  every week  every month  every year for 50+ years and then the government tries to call this an entitlement?   It was their $$$$$$$ out of their paycheck every week, month, years!!!!  NOT an entitlement, but a PROMISE to be there when people retire!!!!!!!  NOT an entitlement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. As usual….Democrats have NO CLUE what we need out here. When you've been in D.C. for like…a hundred years…and you have no problems, and you don't even work on our problems in your work day, why do we let you sit in your seat? You're not fighting for me….I don't need what you say I need. You're really using the seat I gave you to get what YOU need.

  37. As a member of the I need my social security for retirement group! You better leave my Social Security the f*** alone!…! And that's an order!

  38. So if they raise the retirement age, assuming the plan is to provide same amount in retirement and there will be more time to collect money, the SS deductions from our paychecks should decrease. I know. Not going to happen…

  39. 2:20 why would you pay for 60 years (until almost when you're 80) to benefit only the last few less than 5 years? Also, who's employing you in you 70's? just because you're alive it doesn't mean you're able to work and compete with young people.

  40. I won’t listen to Cavuto’s unchecked vocal problems anymore. He probably thinks he sounds good, nothing further from the truth !

  41. What a pretentious thing to say, 80 year old still in the game. The whole world isn't ceo's you have utility workers, construction, steel mill, mechanical, and farmer's who struggle physically the last few years just to get to retirement. The government can't tell me we need to provide housing and medical care for non citizens and in the very next sentence tell me social security can't support it's self. If the plan was to have people pay in till 65 but they were only expected to live until 62 no one would ever volunteer to join that program.

  42. It’s quite simple those at the top of Government Benefits from this program they steal the money to buy votes . The way we get rid of all of the waist and Graf is to have tears limits on all of the elected officials and require those in the Supreme Court to follow their oath as required by Article 6 of our Constitution, not just inter pit the law like Criminals do.

  43. Social Security was a viable trust for American workers who paid into it until 1937 when the Democrats realized there was a pool of money sitting there and they had no access to it. They removed the "trust" and put it into the general funds, opened it up to illegal aliens and others who had never paid into it and dipped into it for their pet pork projects. Restore it. Call in the IOUs Congress filled it up with and make it a "trust" again.

  44. I love how the news can't just play the multiple videos of Biden saying he wants to cut social programs. No instead they just say "this person said this and that person said that so who knows who's right but us millionaires" this wasn't a news story it was propaganda.

  45. How about offering an opt out option? I mean really, this is just theft! Work your azz off all your life and die before you can get any of it back! Eff that! Quit stealing our cash in the hope that we'll die before we can get it back! EFFEN politicians!!!

  46. This guy forgets that the Democrats votes to move Social Security from a separate "Protected" account, to the General Funds account. THEN it was "Hey! Look at all the money we can spend!!!!". 4 more times since e then DEMOCRATS have voted to hack it. Now they're gonna complain how it won't last.
    YA THINK???

  47. However, with "ageism" so prevelant in the workplace, I don't think raising the retirement age would benefit anyone.

  48. What a shame to find out that the Democrat leaders cheat and lie to the people that pay taxes and hope to get something in return. President Trump is a great Man and that is the Reason Democrats hate him and want to impeach . The result will be O. People are not stupid they know that life punish the traitors.

  49. And your Talking Heads, Cavuto, still couldn’t come up with much!! It’s time to dedicate more research to your stories!!

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