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2016 Citizen Diplomacy Challenge

2016 Citizen Diplomacy Challenge

U.S. exchange alumni was your exchange
program a life-changing experience? Then we challenge you to inspire other
Americans to go abroad through the Department of State Citizen Diplomacy
Challenge. This year you can participate in three different challenges, choose
your favorite or participate in all three. Each challenge offers you a chance
to win exclusive prizes including a professional development trip to
Washington DC. Challenge one, Upload an inspirational photo from your exchange to Instagram, use the hashtag #StudyAbroad because and tell others why they should go abroad. Challenge 2 Go back to school and share your exchange experience with your community. Challenge 3 Every exchange alumni has a story
to tell, write a personal account on how your
experience abroad changed your perspective. Are you ready to take the challenge? For
more information including timelines and how to participate visit Alumni.State.Gov/CDC

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