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2007-2018 Sierra Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Lift Kit Review & Install

2007-2018 Sierra Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Lift Kit Review & Install

The two and a half inch leveling kit from
Rough Country is available for any Silverado or Sierra owner looking to pick up a more
entry level kit to gain some ground clearance for the bigger wheel and tire package in those
wheel wells, and of course level out the exterior appearance of the truck at the same time. This particular kit is just the bare necessity,
so expect it to be on the more budget-friendly side of the spectrum under the $200 mark. And the install I am gonna give a two out
of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. It does not require any drilling or cutting,
but it is a little more involved than a direct bolt-on. Taking a closer look at this particular setup
here. It is a very mild jump over the factory setup
with only a two and a half inch lift, but it does let you do a couple of things once
it’s installed. The square wheel wells we have on the Silverados
and Sierras very much limit your wheel and tire options as far as aftermarket ones go. But this one installed at two and a half inches
does allow you to get a 33 inch tire up to a 33 inch tire as recommended by Rough Country. Anything bigger than that you might see some
rubbing. If you do wanna go bigger than that I’d suggest
looking at a bigger lift kit, the bigger the lift kit, the bigger the tire you can fit. Now obviously a lift kit of any size can have
a pretty big impact on the exterior appearance of your truck, especially if you opt to go
with a bigger wheel and tire package. After all you definitely don’t wanna look
like you skipped leg day with a big lift kit and those tiny stock wheels. So I definitely recommend looking into up
to a 33 inch tire. Picking up a lift kit such as this gives you
a couple of different ways to become more capable with your truck. Not only are you getting new wheels and tires,
I already talked about that, you’re also gonna level out the truck, we touched on that as
well. But you’re gonna become more capable off-road
when hitting the trails. Basically what that means is, when you lift
your suspension and the frame of your truck off the ground like this one does, two and
a half inches, you are gonna be able to tackle those bigger obstacles when hitting the trails. Now if you picked up say just a body lift,
you’re gonna get the appearance aspect in gains of course but you’re not really gonna
reap anything off-road. If you find yourself hitting the trails a
little more often than not, suspension lift is probably the way you wanna go, such as
this one. If you’re really not hitting the trails, you’re
not really going onto the work site, maybe you’re just going for the appearance aspect,
a body lift can definitely do the trick as well. Taking a closer look at what comes in each
kit. You’re gonna be picking up some fabricated
two inch rear lift blocks to replace the OEM one inch options. This is gonna be a higher quality than factory
cast ones, so keep that in mind. You’re also gonna be getting some strut extensions,
extended U-bolts for the rear of course, and all of the hardware to go along with it. Everything you see here is gonna completely
replace the factory stuff in order to get you the two and a half inch lift. So everything you see on the table here is
obviously just the bare necessities. There’s really nothing more to it, it’s just
everything you need to get the leveling suspension lift that you’re looking for with nothing
more. Because of that it is gonna allow it to stay
on the more budget-friendly side of the spectrum, just around the $150 mark. With that said, if you’re looking for a little
bit more help, and you’d like some more shocks, and struts, and suspension capabilities to
really improve the overall off-road experience, there are tons of more premium options that
would fit your preference. But of course this is for the guys out there
just looking for the bare minimum. Taking a closer look at the install, we actually
have this installed on our 2013 6.2 liter Sierra in conjunction with a one and a quarter
inch body lift, just to give it some extra height and add some bigger wheels and tires. Obviously all personal preference. With that said, I am giving this a two out
of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Really not too tough from start to finish,
two to three hours at the absolute maximum. No drilling or cutting, but it is a little
more involved than a direct bolt-on. You wanna have a ratchet and full socket set
on deck. And before we jump into it, full disclosure
here, this particular kit is built for factory cast steel control arms. If you have cast aluminium or stamped steel,
you wanna make sure you’re selecting the proper one at checkout to fit your particular build. First thing you wanna take care of, get the
front end of the truck in the air. Support it on jack stands, remove the wheels
and tires to gain access to the suspension. Once you have the front strut removed, you
can actually install the front strut spacers to the top of the strut tower. Reinstall that to the upper strut mount, press
down the lower control arms, align the holes and torque it down to spec. All of which included in the manual. Once that’s taken care of, you can put everything
back together on the one side, repeat for the opposite, then you’ll be good to go to
the rear. The rear is gonna kick off the exact same
way. Get the truck in the air, support it on jack
stands to make sure it’s secure. From there you can just remove the factory
U-bolts and the factory one inch lift blocks, and make way for the new upgraded two inch
options. With that you might have to lower down the
frame just a little bit. But once you squeeze in the new fabricated
blocks, put in the extended U-bolts to compensate for the lift. Reinstall everything exactly the way it was. Repeat for the opposite side and you’re good
to go. Obviously it is a little bit more involved
than a direct bolt-on like a cold air intake, but obviously not the toughest job in the
world. With that said, it pretty much wraps this
one up. So if you’re the owner of an ’07 or a newer
Silverado or Sierra, you might wanna check out the Rough Country two and a half inch
suspension leveling kit available right here at

45 comments on “2007-2018 Sierra Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Lift Kit Review & Install

  1. Its crazy how big those 33s look even with a 2.5 lift. I have a 2" level kit from Rough country and my 33s (275 60 20) look kinda small and dont even come close to rubbing.

  2. I have 2857017 bfg ko2 tires with no lift or rub on my 2015 silverado, I wouldn’t add a block on the rear axle, I’d throw in an add a leaf instead.

  3. Truck looks good with 2.5 on stock wheels just add AT tires maybe one size over stock i drive mostly street maybe beach once in a while

  4. Rough country is terrible. Poor engineering and inferior materials. Don't forget with any leveling kit more than 2in of "lift" will give you a terrible ride unless you get aftermarket control arms with more droop stop clearance and better ball joint angle.

  5. All these people saying that’s a lot of rust must’ve never lived in the Midwest. Or anywhere where the roads are salted in the winter

  6. HEY LOOK! Yet ANOTHER leveled 1/2 ton with 33s . Did you even bother to readjust the trajectory of the headlights? Probably not…

  7. i just want to level the dam front end, and he is so dam annoying i turned off the dam sound, any vehicle should hav front end alginment cked after you put these in, i hav heard good things on rough country

  8. Can anybody tell me the wheel and tire setup on this truck? I know the wheels are the Fuel anza but what size and tire size?

  9. i put this 2.5 inch kit on my 2014 sierra, on stock 20's i put 285/65/20 bf allterains ko2…..Doesnt really rub and i didn't cut anything.

  10. You guys talking about how “rusted out” this truck is…you guys ain’t seen rust yet. Greetings from Maine, where frame rot is an actual problem.

  11. Where can I get one of those "American Trucks" t-shirts, I work with a lot of rice burner employees and need a shirt like that to wear at work

  12. 2017 Silverado Any advice on separating the upper control arm ball joint from the knuckle? Says use a hammer and hit it on the side. Doesn't seem to work.

  13. This lit does not exactly fit the 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT. The spacers that go over the struts are the wrong size.

  14. So on my 2018 Silverado I have the stamped steel control arms. Any chance there are any videos or tips on how to take apart the struts to do the job right for 18-19 years?

  15. He said they added a 1.25" body lift as well. This isn't just the leveling kit, just in case some people didnt catch that..

  16. Hey, I just purchased Bilstein 4600 series shocks and a 2.5 in motofab leveling kit for my 2012 GMC sierra 1500. I will be running stock wheels. Based on the ride, performance, look, and rub what size tire would you recommend? I am currently looking at 33's or 275's

  17. How are you even mentioning a "body lift"?? They sound amazing because they are super cheap to purchase but if you try to install it, it'll cost you a insane amount of money compared to just getting a simple lift you can install at home

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