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15 RICHEST Countries In The World (2019)!

15 RICHEST Countries In The World (2019)!

Which nations make most of their billions
off of fish sales? What country hosts the gambling capital of
the world? Find out as we look at the 15 Richest Countries
In The World. #15 San Marino
One of the smallest nations around the world, the Republic of San Marino only has a population
of a little more than 33 and a half thousand people. The expanse of the country is small as well
at just 24 square miles. But size isn’t everything, as San Marino
ranks among the strongest economies today. With a GDP per capita of 50.9 thousand dollars,
it’s no wonder this rich little country is the only nation in the world with more
cars than there are people! #14 Austria
The nation of Austria boasts a strong, well-developed social market economy that has elevated the
country’s wealth among the elite. Thanks to the work of labour movements, the
citizens of this European country have enjoyed moderate wages since the 1940s with more than
half of the country’s salary and wage earner’s belonging to unions. Tourism also plays a major part in Austria’s
economy, accounting for at least ten percent of the country’s gross domestic product,
or GDP. Making a majority of its products to trade
with surrounding EU countries, nearly 66% of Austrian imports and exports are made within
their home continent. At a GDP per capita of 51.7 thousand dollars
and a population of 8.75 million people, Austria maintains its hold with one of the most stable
and successful economies worldwide. #13 Netherlands
The Dutch have led Europe as one of the most consistent producers in the agricultural,
fishing, shipping and trading industries since the 16th century. A population of 17 million people inhabit
the Netherlands and the country churns out a GDP per capita of 52.9 thousand dollars! In addition to its seaward domination, the
Dutch people have also been fortunate to have generated huge revenue from the discovery
of natural gas resources in 1959. The Netherlands have an open trade economy
that allows them to prosper by relying on foreign trade. Their economy is notable across the globe
for its low unemployment levels, decent surplus and stable industrial relations. The Netherlands expects to have hit a budget
surplus of .8 percent in 2018 and its unemployment rates are definitely below 5 percent. Numerous other factors like the countries
social programs and well protected employee rights keep Dutch workers happy and the nation
of the Netherlands near the top of the world’s wealthiest. #12 Sweden
From 1995 to 2017, the national debt-to-GDP ratio of Sweden dropped from 80 to 41 percent! This economic stabilization represents the
long road to recovery Sweden’s endured since being hit with a severe financial crisis in
the 90s. The government has continuously maintained
control over public spending and has received three separate “AAA” [Triple A] ratings
from the top credit agencies in the world. But this change didn’t just arise from hard
work and good luck, as the Swedish government introduced inventive regulations to boost
the economy. These included the advent of utgiftstak, a
public spending ceiling, and överskottsmålet, a surplus goal for the country to aim towards. These regulations keep the national debut
in check and receive support from most all Swedish politicians.Thanks to this strategy,
the current GDP of Sweden has surged to an impressive 53.87 thousand dollars per capita! #11 Australia
The success of the Australian economy stands sturdy atop many pillars that are to thank
for their placement on this list. A rich source of minerals as the global leader
in aluminum and opal, the land down under also exports diamonds, gold, iron ore, nickel,
and silver around the world. The nation has a steady supply of natural
gas and oil, too. It’s massive plains host enormous plantations
of grains, industrial crops and herds of livestock. Australia has the second largest population
of sheep and is the second largest exporter of beef, with the country’s food exports
being among the most profitable of any region. High quality education, an excellent tourism
industry and an immigration policy aimed at attracting higher performing workers rather
than diverse ones all assist in making Australian wealth as stable as it’s become. However, one of the most important factors
is the country’s relatively low population. With so few bodies spread across the large
expanse of Australia, the GDP per capita is up to 56.7 thousand dollars! #10 Denmark
The nation of Denmark is enjoying its long history of wealth that came from the ability
to constantly adapt. Beginning with the Treaty of Kiel, after losing
much of their country’s land, population, and economical standing, Denmark was on mission
to rebuild. Employing an array of property reforms, new
farming techniques, and improvements to the government infrastructure all helped push
the nation in the right direction. Suddenly Denmark had become a farmer’s haven,
as the country had developed an entire economy based on agriculture. By the time 1950 rolled around, the farm-based
nation was the only one of its kind, producing 65% of the GDP via agriculture with up to
50 percent of the population being employed by farmers. But then the industrial age came, and by 1972,
only 4 percent or less worked in agriculture. An oil crisis quickly ended that movement
and Asian countries moved in to take that market, leaving the Danish to now switch to
the service industry! Hundreds of thousands of citizens required
reeducation for these new jobs, but overall, Denmark’s quick action paid off as the nation
remains successful today, boasting a GDP of 61.2 thousand dollars per capita! #9 Singapore
Unlike many other countries on this list, Singapore can attribute most of their economic
success to a singular entity: Lee Kuan Yew. As the first Prime Minister of Singapore,
Lee Kuan Yew is recognized as the founding father of the nation as he governed Singapore
for three decades. With no natural resources and sparse land,
the small island country had its work cut out for it since attaining independence in
1965. But under Lee’s direction, Singapore grew
swiftly thanks to its dedicated workforce and focus on external trade. Today the nation is a shadow of the “third
world” label it once was given. Instead it serves as a worldwide frontrunner
in education, entertainment, finance, innovation, technology and tourism. Income inequality is unfortunately an issue,
however education, healthcare, and life expectancy rates are equally high. And so, Singapore files into the elite ranks
with a GDP of 61.23 thousand dollars per capita. #8 United States
Despite one of the most devastating recessions to hit the United States in recent years,
America is still very wealthy. While the country currently has a national
debt of nearly 20 trillion dollars, the GDP per capita remains a strong 62 and a half
thousand dollars per capita. Given the U.S. population of more than 327
million people, the GDP per capita just barely edges out the debt per capita, putting America
ahead of its debts for the time being. A service oriented and foreign trade focused
nation, the majority of wealth in the states relies on technological and scientific advancements
brought to the retail and service industry level. High production and high spending levels keep
the U.S. economy afloat. After all, there’s nothing more American
than spending some hard-earned cash. #7 Qatar
One of the wealthiest nations in the Middle East, as well as the world, the nation of
Qatar has flipped its natural resource reserves into a path of success. Rather than take the revenue generated by
their high supply of fossil fuels and spend it frivolously like other countries, Qatar
has instead reinvested their profits into other industries. In addition to diversifying its economy, the
country also retains a large amount of those fuel reserves for their own use as well. Boasting a GDP per capita of 67.8 thousand
dollars, it was just four years ago that Qatar would have been at the top of this list with
a GDP of 98.8 thousand dollars a person! The young residents of Qatar, which has a
relatively youthful population, typically spend their wealth on lavish purchases such
as multimillion-dollar pieces of artwork and exotic pets such as cheetahs. #6 Ireland
Unlike many of the countries on this list that rely on exporting goods and their own
natural resources, Ireland taps a different resource to make their millions: the minds
of their own citizens. Dealing majorly in knowledge-based industries
like financial services, life sciences and high technology, the majority of Irish wealth
comes from software, medical technology, information and communications technology, and pharmaceutical
companies. Though the cost of living in the green and
gold country is incredibly high, the people of Ireland manage thanks to a whole bunch
of well paying jobs. The national GDP of the Celtic nation is about
75.2 thousand dollars per capita. #5 Iceland
In the chilly northern lands of Europe lies the burgeoning economy of Iceland, buoyed
above the lower 15 on this list by its excellent sources of natural energy. The difficult terrain of the country combine
with a harsh climate to create the perfect conductor of hydroelectric power. This combined with a large resource of geothermal
power make manufacturing plants in this nation all the more productive. Within the rapid waters that push Iceland’s
hydroelectric generators are one of its main exports…fish! The fifth largest distributor of fish in the
world, Iceland also exports fuels, metals, and mining products to bring the GDP per capita
of the small nation to 75.7 thousand dollars! #4 Macao SAR
Once a colony of Portugal, the small island region of Macao now operates as an autonomous
entity of China. This special administrative region is as diverse
as it is wealthy thanks to its position as the gambling capital of the world. With its famed Cotai Strip earning the nickname
of the Las Vegas of Asia, it’s no wonder this densely populated tourist destination
produces a GDP per capita of 81.59 thousand dollars. Popular Las Vegas destinations have built
new casinos in Macao since the government opened the doors to new investors in 2002. Today, the sovereign Asian state hosts gorgeous
casinos from the Las Vegas Sands, Wynn Resorts, and the MGM Mirage. #3 Norway
This lightly populated Nordic country is large and chock full of natural resources. Relying heavily on fish and oil, Norwegian
GDP is an astounding 82.37 thousand dollars per capita. Much of the countries revenue comes from these
trades but what generates even more wealth for the nation’s population is the way in
which it’s taxed. Money brought into the Norwegian government
through oil operations taxation has been entered into a state-run fund and diversely invested
to generate revenue for the future of the country. This oil fund called the Government Pension
Fund Global currently owns 1.3 percent of global stocks and is worth $195,000 per Norwegian
citizen. #2 Switzerland
Whether looking at their banking or their chocolate, one major factor fuels the progress
of Swiss economic success: innovation. With their main exports being precious gems
and metals, pharmaceuticals, and machinery, Switzerland specializes in making highly sought-after,
luxury items. Along with being luxurious, the Swiss are
known for efficiency with the invention of world-changing goods like Velcro, Cellophane,
Milk Chocolate, Antihistamines, Fondue, Aluminum Foil, Numbered Bank Accounts and of course
the Swiss Army Knife. Also lending to their impressive 83.58 thousand
dollar per capita GDP is their neutrality. For one and a half centuries, Switzerland
has remained politically and internationally impartial, allowing it to profit from most
all potentially partnering nations. #1 Luxembourg
The small European nation of Luxembourg tops this list thanks to hosting growing tech companies
such as Amazon and Skype within its borders. In addition, many finance corporations and
private banks call this Green Heart of Europe home, guaranteeing low unemployment rates. And at the heart of the European Union with
surrounding countries like Germany, Belgium and France, exporting, importing, and hiring
all come much easier for the small nation which hosts less than a million native Luxembourgers. Thanks to this perfect blend of elements,
Luxembourg proudly enjoys a GDP of 113.95 thousand dollars per capita! Which country do you expect to move up the
rankings in the next 5 years? Let us know in the comments section below.

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