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12 History – RNE – Nationalism and Imperialism

12 History – RNE – Nationalism and Imperialism

Now, we will be discussing the topic of
nationalism and imperialism. By the last quarter of 19th century, nationalism
could not retain its idealistic, liberal democratic sentiment. The idea became
narrow with limited ends. The major European powers manipulated the
nationalist aspirations to subject people to further their own
imperialistic claims in the Balkans, which was a region of geographical and
ethnic variation comprising of Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Macedonia
Croatia – many such regions, nearly modern day russia. The inhabitants were
called the ‘slavs’. A large part of the balkan was under the Ottoman empire. When the Ottoman Empire started disintegrating and the ideas
of nationalism spread to Balkans. The developments made this region very
explosive. The Ottoman Empire tried to strengthen itself through modernization and internal reforms but it could not
achieve much success. The other European nationalities broke away from its
control, one by one and declared independence. The Balkans used history
and national identity to claim their right of independence. While they were
struggling to define their identity and independence, Balkan area became an area of conflict. During this period there was intense rivalry among the European
powers, over the trade and colonies also, the naval and military power.
Each power – Russia, Germany, England was keen in getting power over Balkan region
and extending their control. This led to a series of wars in the region which
finally led to the first world war. Meanwhile, many countries in the world,
which had been colonized by the European power in the 19th century, began to
oppose imperialism people of different colonies develop
own variation of nationalism. The idea of nation-states and nationalism thus
became a universal phenomena, it started with the French Revolution and the idea
spread throughout the world. And with the passage of time, the same idea reached
India, which was under the occupation of UK. Sri Lanka, Africa and all the
different countries which were under the European occupation started revolting
with the idea of nationalism on the soil and different countries started asking
for independence.

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