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10 World’s Strangest Borders Between Countries

10 World’s Strangest Borders Between Countries

What’s the first thing that comes to mind
when you hear the word “border”? Is it some official-looking place with reserved
customs officers and trained dogs? Well, not all borders in the world are fenced
in with barbed wire! Have a look at some of the most unusual and
sometimes even baffling ones! #1 Macau – China
If you lack challenge in your life, head for the border between Macau and China. The funny thing is that people in Macau, like
in Hong Kong, drive on the left side of the road, while the Chinese drive on the right. But listen to this! After being a Portuguese colony for hundreds
of years, nowadays Macau is in some sense a part of China (which is why its full name
sounds kinda lengthy: the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China). And that’s why while driving from China to
Macau, you’ll need to switch sides of the road, even while still in the same country! This magic happens at the Lotus Bridge between
Hengqin Island and Macau. If you’re driving from the Chinese side, you’ll
have to loop under the bridge, and after passing some weirdly-shaped cloverleaf, you will reappear
on the opposite side of the road. #2 Poland – Ukraine
The border between Poland and Ukraine is not just a line between two countries; it’s an
art object! If you look at the piece of land situated
between Polish Horodyszcze and Ukrainian Warez from above, you’ll see two colossal fish. Designed with the help of different kinds
of plants, this stunning land art is the creation of Polish artist Jaroslaw Koziara. The two fish at the border carry deep meaning;
the artist meant to say that the boundaries between the two countries are just formality. #3 Brazil – Argentina – Paraguay
I wonder what you would say about a border that separates not two but three countries
at a time? This place I’m talking about is known as “The
Triple Frontier,” and that’s where the Iguazu River and the Parana River separate Brazil,
Paraguay, and Argentina. In this place, each of the countries erected
their own obelisk, or stone pillar, painted in the colors of the national flag. These obelisks are popular with tourists,
and no wonder! You can see all three countries at the same
time from each of the pillars. #4 The US – Russia
Have you ever heard about the Diomede Islands, a pair of rocky islands in the middle of the
Bering Strait? Situated between Siberia and mainland Alaska,
the islands are only 2.4 miles apart, and when you look at them, it becomes clear that
they’re a single group. But no matter how close the islands may seem,
they belong to different countries and are separated by the International Date line. Big Diomede is a Russian island, and Little
Diomede belongs to the USA. But wait, that’s not all! Despite a relatively small distance between
the two islands, Big Diomede is 21 hours ahead of its fellow isle! This phenomenon occurs because, as you remember,
the International Date line runs between the islands. That’s why Big Diomede is known as Tomorrow
Island and Little Diomede as Yesterday Isle. #5 The Netherlands – Belgium
This border may be by far the most unusual and complex one of them all. First of all, it runs through the town of
Baarle-Hertog. Or is it Baarle-Nassau? Well, the thing is that it’s virtually one
town some parts of which belong to Belgium and others to the Netherlands. As you may guess, it creates tons of confusion. People who live in the town make trips abroad
countless times a day. Streets, grocery stores, picture galleries,
and even some houses are divided into parts that belong to different countries! But don’t worry, you’ll always know when you
cross the border because the streets are marked with big white crosses. #6 Vatican City – Italy
The world’s smallest country, Vatican City, is a state of its own. It’s encircled by a border with Italy which
is just 2 miles long, and the size of the entire country is just over 100 acres. That’s about one-eighth the size of Central
Park in New York. Vatican City has its own stamps, mass media,
anthem, and flag. The city-country can issue license plates
and passports. Souvenir sales, contributions, and museum
admission fees make up the country’s budget. There’s only one thing the Vatican lacks – the
borders. As soon as you set your foot in the world-known
St. Peter’s Square, count yourself lucky to have visited the Vatican. #7 Brazil – Argentina
The border between the two countries might as well be the most beautiful in the world. You would agree if you’ve ever seen the world’s
largest waterfall system, Iguazu Falls, situated on the Iguazu River. The tallest of the waterfalls, the Devil’s
Throat, is also the most impressive. More than 260 ft tall and about 490 ft wide,
this cataract, or large powerful waterfall, marks the border between Argentina and Brazil. #8 Hungary – Slovakia – Austria
A point where the borders of three countries meet is called a tripoint, and there are about
170 such points in the world. One of them is situated in Europe and looks
like an ordinary stone picnic table. But in fact, this table is the very tripoint
between Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. Nowadays, all three countries are members
of the Schengen Area, that’s why you won’t see any border crossing points and customs
officers there. The tripoint is surrounded by monuments related
to different points in the countries’ history and endless fields that stretch toward the
horizon. The silence in this place may seem a bit ominous,
but if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is an ideal place to
go. #9 Spain – Portugal
Well, you’ve seen the most unusual borders and the most beautiful ones. How about the one which is the most fun? A zip line connects Spain and Portugal, and
it’s probably the best way for an adrenaline junkie to cross the border between the two
countries. If you’re ready to try this peculiar entertainment,
you first need to get to Sanlucar de Guadiana in Andalusia, Spain. After that, prepare for a 60-second flight
through the air at a speed that can reach more than 50 miles per hour! Interestingly, when you land on the other
side in Alcoutim, Portugal, you’ll find out that you’ve traveled one hour back in time! This amazing phenomenon occurs due to the
time difference between Spain and Portugal. Also, no need to fret about getting stuck
in Portugal. A special boat ferries zipliners back to the
Spanish side. So, you’ll be back approximately one hour
after you stepped into the abyss. #10 Malaysia – Indonesia
The border between Malaysia and Indonesia consists of a land boundary that separates
the two countries on Borneo island, and maritime borders that run along the Straits of Malacca,
in the Celebes Sea and the South China Sea. But the problem is that both the land and
maritime borders haven’t been clearly defined until recently. The two countries started the survey and demarcation
of their common borders in 1975 and finished only in 2000. And in 2006, Malaysia and Indonesia approved
28 maps that still defined only 1,132 out of 1,254 miles of the common borders. Have you ever seen any unusual borders? Then write about your experience in the comment
section below! Remember to give this video a “like,” share
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  4. Canusa Street or, in French, rue Canusa is the only part of the Canada–United States border that runs down the middle of a street. The street separates Beebe Plain, Vermont from the Beebe Plain area of Stanstead, Quebec and is a part of Quebec Route 247.

  5. We have got the Vaalserberg in the Netherlands, which has a specific point where 3 countries cross in just 1 footstep, Germany/Belgium/The Netherlands. I've never been there, wanna go there once though. But before watching this video, curious if this border will be on here, specific reason I am watching, I know so wrong…

    But oh well we at least got Baarle Hertog/Baarle Nassau xD

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