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10 Most Beautiful Countries in Asia

10 Most Beautiful Countries in Asia

10 Most Beautiful Countries in Asia. Asia is the world’s largest continent covering
approximately 30% of the planet’s land area. The continent is full of many geographic blessings. No other continent in the world boasts greater
extremes than Asia. It is also home to a tapestry of cultures
and histories that make for a unique travel portal. There are so many beautiful countries in Asia
that it is really a hard task to choose the most beautiful countries in the continent. However, I have tried my best to make the
list of 10 most beautiful countries in Asia. 1: China. China is a country of supreme natural beauty. Even more powerful is its cultural, intellectual,
and spiritual beauty. It is said that China is a world unto itself
– a jigsaw of historic change, geographic diversity and spiritual wonder. This massive country is home to so many natural
wonders. China is also home to some of the greatest
man-made structures in the world. 2: Thailand. Thailand is a small country that contains
many amazing natural attractions. The country attracts many tourists because
of its natural beauty. Thailand is most popular for its magnificent
beaches and spicy delicious foods. This nation’s breathtaking natural beauty
is surpassed only by its people. Thailand is also home to some of the world’s
oldest, largest and most elaborate Buddhist temples. 3: Philippines. Located at the very eastern edge of Asia,
the Philippines are home to more than 7,000 islands. The country is full of beautiful natural beauty
from pristine beaches to many marvelous natural wonders. There are many interesting historic sites
in the country. The Philippines pack many exciting things
to see and do for a lifetime experience. 4: Maldives. Maldives is regarded as a tropical paradise
that feels like a dream world. There are Hundreds of lush islands, lined
with the whitest sandy beaches, and surrounded by the clear bluest of water. Maldives is very famous for its natural beauty
which includes the blue ocean and white beaches, accompanied by clean air and pleasant temperatures. 5: Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries
in Asia. Based on geography Indonesia is big country
and has a lot of varieties. It is an amazing country of unique cultures
and a myriad of charms. Exotic and developed destinations such as
Lombok and Bali, the Komodo Islands, historical destinations such as Yogyakarta and the capital
city Jakarta, make for a very interesting country to visit. 6: India. India is a land of rich cultural heritage
and diverse geographic beauty. The country is full of many places of tourist
interests and the country attracts many tourists from across the globe. From the Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari
in the South, India is full of beautiful places. However, no exploration would be complete
without visiting India’s most famous attraction – the Taj Mahal. 7: Japan. Japan is another beautiful country in Asia
with great culture, nature and landscapes. It has beautiful nature locations that are
breathtaking – couple that with man-made wonders that clearly illustrate Japan’s long history
and rich culture – and you have a tourist destination that is one of the finest on earth. For a quick cultural snapshot, head for Kyoto,
home to many of Japan’s National Treasures. 8: Nepal. Surrounded by the soaring heights of the Himalayas,
Nepal is a landlocked country of eternal beauty and attraction. It is one of the unique countries in the world
because of its unique geographical position and altitude variation. This wild variation fosters an incredible
variety of ecosystems, the greatest mountain range on earth, thick tropical jungles teeming
with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys. 9: Malaysia. Malaysia another beautiful country in Asia. It is a beautiful country offering exquisite
treasure of beaches, ocean, and natural beauties. Malaysia is a popular vacation destination
for all types of vacations. It is one of the world’s most vibrant, dynamic
and beautiful countries. 10: Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries
in South East Asia, with stunning landscapes, lush paddy fields, ethnic cultures, idyllic
beaches and chaotic yet dynamic and charming cities. Vietnam is a nation of difference, history
and charm.

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  1. Im a Filipino Canadian but I think Nepal should be higher than 8th . Why? Because of the beautiful scenic view of the mountains, the warm loving friendly Nepali's and the rich intact cultural heritage and so much more than meets the eye

  2. But the fact China,, Thailand,, & Malaysia is the most visited country in Asia.. They tourist attraction is popular & favorite around the world…

  3. I feel soo much happy and proud feel about my small country sri Lanka. It's not including to your ranking list. But still peoples are suggesting sri Lanka as a beautiful country. Most important thing is they're not from sri Lanka ❤❤❤❤

  4. Just show the natural beauties up not the gimmicky beauties. I do agree, all these countries are stunning but all these countries aren't natural beauties. Natural beauty means >ocean, forests, and mountain's land which are existed on earth these are the natural beauties of earth.

  5. Philippines is the Pearl of the Orient of asia many islands will be explore, white beaches are wonderful, the people is very hospitable

  6. My Ten list:
    – Mongolia
    – Sri Lanka
    – Bhutan
    – Philippines
    – Japan
    – Thailand
    – Nepal
    – Uzbekistan
    – China
    – Malaysia

  7. Nepal we have not wide road tall buildings but i can say it is really awesome beautiful nature. Always cold and sweet fresh water.

  8. I Am From Nepal💕💖🇳🇵

    And I Say.. Every Country Is Beautiful In Their Own Way💖😻

    Just Like, Ice Creams With
    Different Flavors 😋😋💟

    One Love To Every One..🤗💙

    Long Live Earth And It's Nature😘

    "How's my little poem😜"

  9. I’m Vietnamese and i love Nepal 🇳🇵🇻🇳❤️❤️🤝!! I’m going to go to Nepal tomorrow and i hope i will be treated as a friend there

  10. Philippines is many animals and creatures and beauti so thats why china want are west Philippine sea we are reach at creatures
    Love from Philippine🇵🇭

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