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10 Countries Where Us Citizen Can Easily Emigrate

10 Countries Where Us Citizen Can Easily Emigrate

Countries in which Americans can move easily! Hello people! There must be numerous reasons for you to
consider relocating! Urge to leave home and trying to make your
own life in another country could be one of the reasons. Retirement could be another! Failure is probably the last reason for locating
because if you are an American citizen, there is next to 0% chance that you aren’t employed! Maybe a job opportunity has come your way
and emigrating to another country is on cards! Moving to another country might not be the
easiest thing in the word but it is not even the toughest! You just gotta figure out which one suits
you the most! That is the reason we are here! Giving you a list of countries that are easiest
to migrate to for Americans! Number 10. UAE
This is a nation which is one of the richest and you need a hell lot of money to settle
in here! But earning that money once you have shifted
here is not that tough because job opportunities are endless! So, if you consider this nation to move in,
you are signing up for an ecstatic nightlife, unexplored beaches, and exotic wildlife! Which is not such a bad deal! It actually is giving you everything that’s
available in America and that too in refined form! Number 9. Scandinavian countries
These countries are very consistent and they have always ranked in topmost positions if
we talk about the quality of life, gender equality, happiness index, and you can mention
any list and you will find these countries in topmost positions! At this point of time when these countries
are flourishing, they have made their immigration policies liberal! If you are tired of the chaos in your current
location, you should consider moving to Denmark as the population is quite less there. If you want a happy environment around yourself
and a happy life for yourself go for Finland! As it is the happiest state in the world! Number 8. Ireland
This member of the European Union which is across the Irish Sea has an easy immigration
policy. If your grandparents or even great-grandparents
are born in Ireland, it is quite easy to claim your Irish residence ship! For Irish coffee, this is the least we can
do! If you are a current full-time or part-time
student or a graduate in the last 12 months then you have another option of working-holiday
visa! The River Barrow and Blackstairs Mountains
are enough to have a reason to move there and explore other hidden gems of Ireland! Number 7. UK
UK has been placed on spot 3 on the list of top 80 countries by US News! If your own country puts in the top 3, it
is definitely worth shifting to! Its developed cities and its influence on
the political picture of the world is something you should consider before moving in here! After Brexit vote, UK is making visa application
easier and is planning to double work visas for non-EU tech professionals! Being an American if you have a job opportunity
there, you can apply for work visa, if not then you can stay in UK — England, Scotland,
Wales and Northern Ireland for up to 6 months without a visa! Worth a try? Number 6. Ecuador
Boiling volcanoes soaring mountain peaks, and old pastel-colored colonial towns, Ecuador
is exactly the sort of over-romanticized stereotype of Latin America you’ve always secretly
held in your head. And to add another attraction we should mention
it’s got beaches too! This country right on the equator, The only
condition for you to move in is that you have to show that $800 will be landing in your
pocket per month and you are in! There is nothing more than this you require
for getting your pensioner’s visa! For permanent residency, you gotta stay in
the country for 21 months with pensioner’s visa! Not that tough, right? Also, no change of currency will take place
if you opt for Ecuador to be your next home! Number 5. Panama
Ah, dang, we’re still here. Another city with same currency is Panama
and it is also one of the friendliest! That makes life easier in some way, right? If you are an adult, you just need to have
an income of $1000 in a month to apply for retiree visa and if you are on the younger
side you gotta deposit $5000 in the Panamanian bank and you have friendly nation’s visa! It has easiest rules for immigration so it
won’t be that tough! Independent part of Central America, which
looks like a part of Florida that broke off and floated south. It’s safe, well developed, a lot of people
speak English. Know what else? Practically anyone can move there with effectively
zero effort. Number 4. New Zealand
Beautiful meadows, mountains scraping the clouds, a simpler life for nature lovers! That’s New Zealand for you! If you are between the ages of 18-30, you
can apply for a working holiday visa which is valid for a year! The cost of via is $165USD. If you are above 30 years of age, you need
not worry! New Zealand is in a need of workers who have
expertise in farming and if you have the skills, your process of residenceship is fast-tracked! However, Americans will have a hard time managing
their accounts as the cost of living is higher in New Zealand! New Zealand is one of the best countries for
Americans to move to because it has a “skilled shortage list checker” so you if your skill
set is needed, you’ll have an easier time getting a visa. And it is the most friendly country that exists
on earth so it won’t be that tough to adjust in this nation! Number 3. Australia
The location down on earth is a known location for relocation. Whether you are looking for love of surfing,
snorkeling or a rainforest paradise, you have got it all along with urbane lifestyle! The process of immigration is quite similar
to New Zealand’s! However, the cost is more than double being
$320 USD! The reason is no-brainer! Australia has cities which have the most livable
environment! Every goddam person knows it! Number 2. Canada
Unlike the USA, Canada has opened its arms wide open for immigrants. The condition is that you need to prove your
worth, if you can work hard enough to stay there you are more than welcome! Also, Canada is warm towards its hard working
grown-up neighbor! But Canada runs out of hospitality after 6
months, so you will have to apply for a visa! Permanent residency, which gives you full
access to the country’s lauded health and social benefits, requires a significant time
investment — you need to have lived in Canada for at least two of five years. If you get enrolled in a study course for
2 years getting a work permit for 3 years is an automatic step! So you know what step you need to take to
migrate to your hippy younger sibling! Number 1. Mexico
It’s definitely the easiest as you can just drive there. If you have been there once you know that
for the next 6 months you can stay without any other formalities and after the time period
is completed then you can extend it for another 6 months. And you can do it till the time you are done
with the country! If you are thinking about the life-changing
visa cost, it is around ummm $21 each time! That’s a total of $42 per year! Which isn’t a bad deal for pristine beaches,
world-class cities, gorgeous colonial towns, and mountain scenery like something out of
a dream. Yes, there is a thing you should be thinking
about and it is drugs which has caused some tens of thousands of deaths! Not every city is affected the same way, some
are drug violence-free! So, that would be a better option to shift
to! Which of these countries are you planning
to move to? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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