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10 Countries Most Likely To Start WW3

10 Countries Most Likely To Start WW3

– [Voiceover] It’s become
clear that many of you believe that World War III could
be just around the corner. But what is also clear
is that most of you can’t agree on who’s to blame. Some of you blame China. Some of you are sure
the United States will be the ones to doom us all. While others are absolutely
certain that Putin and Russia will be the ones to finally
end the world as we know it. So, to help resolve the
debate once and for all we’ve put together a list of 10 countries that are most
likely to cause World War III. So when everything goes to hell, you’ll know who to blame. Coming in at number
10 is Russia. After the Cold War, US-Russian relations
were relatively stable. In the 1990s, President
Boris Yeltsin of Russia and US President Clinton
developed a strong relationship that brought the two former
adversaries closer together. Yeltsin’s successor,
Vladimir Putin, also enjoyed a similarly
warm relationship with former US
President George Bush. The two leaders even
stood side by side during Russia’s 2005
Victory Day parade. Today however, Putin’s
fear of influence in Ukraine and Syria
is being threatened, and Putin and President
Obama are quickly becoming sworn enemies of each other. While President Putin
likely has no desire to start a third World War, recent events have pushed
Russia onto the brink of open conflict with the
United States and NATO, which as of this
video’s release, include the devastating
Syrian civil war and the Ukranian conflict. Inside Syria, Russian fighter
jets and US Predator drones often fly within
meters of each other, and Russian jet fighters
have done point blank flybys on US frigates on more
than one occasion. And to top it off, Russia’s
recent tensions with Turkey have only served to
further complicate matters. Number nine is Israel. No matter which side of the
Israeli-Palestinian debate you fall on, it cannot be denied that if a third World War
were to ever break out, there’s a high probability that
Israel would be involved it. In many ways, the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a powderkeg that
is waiting to explode. This is because Israel’s
strategic relationship with the United States
guarantees US involvement in any serious Middle
Eastern conflict. In the future, Israel could
either start or become involved in a Middle Eastern dispute
that could easily trigger it’s alliance with
the United States. From there, any local
Middle Eastern conflict could easily spiral
out of control and veer right into
a third world war. The question is, how likely is a Middle Eastern
conflict involving Israel? There’s no way to know
the answer for sure, but time will likely tell. What we do know is that
Israel’s mere existence elicits unparalleled vitriol
and hatred from its critics. We also know that dozens of terrorist organizations
around the world are dedicated to the destruction
of the state of Israel, and that Israel has been
at war with its neighbors eight times. This number will only become
larger as time goes on. Number eight is Iran. In media outlets across
the western world, Iran is often painted as an
unstable and aggressive regime that is always on the cusp of starting a war
in the Middle East. However, this portrayal does not entirely
fit with Iranian history, as the last time the country
started a war with anyone was in 1838. However, it is entirely
possible that Iran could end up in conflict
with any number of countries it competes with. These include Turkey,
Israel, and Saudi Arabia, which are Iran’s main
competitors in the Middle East. At the time of this
video’s release, Iran is currently attempting to extend its influence
into southern Iraq, which could drag
Iran into a war. Iran is also directly in
competition with Israel, in both Palestine and Lebanon, because of it’s policy of
supplying Hamas and Hezzbollah with supplies and weapons. And, as mentioned previously, any conflict involving Israel could easily drag in
the United States. However, Iran isn’t
without it’s own allies, as it’s found itself
pushed further and further into alliances with China
and Russia as time goes by, as both Russia and
China’s desire to limit US influence in the Middle East, while countering Turkey’s
ambitions in the future. Number seven is China. Many of those who’ve
been following China’s expansionist moves
in the South China Sea remain absolutely certain that if another world war
were to ever break out, China will certainly
be the cause of it. China’s policy of sudden
claims on foreign territory as well as its
artificial island program has brought China into
direct confrontation with Vietnam, South Korea,
the Philippines, and Japan. And because of heightened
tensions in the region, Vietnam has vowed
to build up its army to match the strength of
China’s, and at the same time, Japan is considering
rearming as well. On top of this, the
reintegration of Taiwan has long been a goal of Beijing, and China has threatened
invasion numerous times in order to reclaim its quote
unquote, rogue province. An invasion of Taiwan
could force a US response and quickly spiral
out of control before a peaceful
solution could be found. While an invasion of
Taiwan is not likely, China is still a
much bigger candidate for starting a global conflict
than most other nations are. Number six is North Korea. North Korea for all its bluster, makes threats towards South
Korea and the United States every year, and these
threats never amount to much. Still, Kim Jong Un and
the state of North Korea possess nuclear
weapons, hydrogen bombs, and thousands of
rocket launchers and
artillery batteries. One mistake in this tense region could trigger a
devastating conflict. North Korea also has
strong ties with Russia, as well as with China, both of which supported North
Korea during the Korean War, and continue to
support it to this day. North Korea’s direct
opposition to the United States and friendly ties with two of
the world’s major super powers could quickly escalate what would have normally
been a local Korean conflict into a global dispute. Number five is Turkey. As of this video’s release, the ongoing Syrian civil
war has brought tensions between Turkey and Russia
to a boiling point. Over the course of
just two months, Russian jets have violated
Turkish airspace numerous times, which has caused Turkey
to retaliate by destroying both a Russian drone
and a Russian Sue 24, while the two were
on combat missions in the Syrian civil war. Russia’s response has only
further escalated the crisis, as Putin has placed
sanctions on Turkey, as well as ordered an airstrike on a Turkish convoy
near the Turkish border. These developments have
brought the world closer to war because Turkey is
a member of NATO, and according to Article
V of the NATO Charter, all NATO members are obligated
to come to Turkey’s aid in the event of a conflict. Any Turkish escalation
could drag NATO, no matter how
unwilling they are, into a confrontation
with Putin’s Russia, and thanks to recent events, it seems that a showdown
between Russia and Turkey is becoming a real possibility. Number four is India. While India has remained
neutral during most conflicts, the country still has the
potential to become a catalyst for a third World War. This is because of India’s
numerous territorial disputes with China and Pakistan. To further complicate matters, India and Pakistan have been
at war four times since 1947, and have skirmished
numerous times since then. Despite the best
diplomatic efforts, India’s territorial disputes
have not been resolved, meaning that they still have
the potential to break out into an open conflict. As India continues
to expand its army and modernize its navy, the potential for
India to become embroiled in a devastating war, is only to become greater. Number three is Pakistan. Alternatively, Pakistan
could decide to, or could be forced to
pick a fight with India in the near future. Pakistan possesses
nuclear weapons which would have
devastating consequences if they were ever to be used. This possibility isn’t
that far-fetched, as Pakistan has threatened
to use its nuclear arsenal on India multiple times. However, the chances of another Pakistani-Indian
conflict remain remote, as both nations have
been at peace since 1999. Regardless though, tensions remain high along
India and Pakistan’s borders, and both nations
continue to search for ways to secure control
over their disputed regions. Number two is Syria. While President
Assad’s main goal has been to quickly
wipe out his opposition and to prevent the
Syrian civil war from escalating any further, the exact opposite has occurred. For example, President Obama
has repeatedly threatened to take decisive action
against Assad’s government because of its alleged
use of chemical weapons. And, at the same time, many in the US government
have openly called for a direct intervention
in the Syrian civil war. To counter these threats, Putin, at the invitation
of President Assad, has begun airstrikes
against the Syrian rebels in hopes of quickly
eliminating Assad’s opposition. As a result, Syria has become one of the most likely countries
to cause World War III, because the Syrian
civil war has both destabilized the Middle East, and pitted the United States
and Russia against each other. The sheer proximity of
so many major powers in this dangerous region has brought the
world closer to war than any other point
in recent history. And number one is the
United States of America. Whenever there’s a conflict
anywhere in the world, nine times out of ten the United States is
involved in some capacity. The United States maintains
hundreds of military bases that are stationed in
numerous countries, and has been at war nine times
in just the past 20 years. The United States also
has a long history of engineering coups,
overthrowing governments, and backing military
dictatorships all
around the world. Some examples of this
interventionist foreign policy include, but are not limited to, Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, Congo in 1960, the Dominican Republic in 1961, South Vietnam in 1963, Brazil in 1964, Chile in 1973, Iraq in both 1992 and 2003, Syria in 2011, and finally, Ukraine in 2014. This policy of world
policing and constant warfare could easily escalate
into a world conflict. Modern geopolitics is a
delicate balance of power, and in many ways is
similar to a game of chess. The pieces move quickly, and powers can
quickly rise and fall. The fact is that the more
conflicts the US instigates, the more likely it is that
it will be responsible for starting a third World War. For more top lists
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  3. 10 Russia
    9 Israel
    8 Iran
    7 China
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    5 Turkey
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    2 Syria
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    Rather than placing a single photo of Putin and being defamatory towards Russia place all the leaders images.
    This is the type of proganda that creates division , and gives a biased interpretation false news.

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