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10 Countries Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana After Canada

10 Countries Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana After Canada

10 Countries Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana
After Canada Hey folks, today we’d talk about the hot
topic of marijuana legalization. We saw a lot of faces light up but some of
them shot their eyebrows so high, they could very well have exited their foreheads! Come on now, after Canada legalized marijuana
in early June, becoming the second country to do so after Uruguay, we might see a global
change soon! The laws pulling marijuana between medicinal
and recreational use are different in each country but they are all following one trend-
a change in the strictness. From decriminalizing to allowing it for medical
use, the world is accepting it is varied proportions and ways and it before we know it, you’ll
see a wave of acceptance. Maybe we should brace ourselves for it and
what better way than having a list of countries that MIGHT get on the legalized marijuana
train? Number 1. New Zealand
Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is all for a discussion about legalizing
cannabis. Last year when she was elected, she talked
about her drive to open a national discussion about the issue. As per her, people shouldn’t be imprisoned
for the personal use of cannabis. On the flip-side, she also has concerns around
young people accessing a product which can clearly do harm and damage to them. The referendum will be held by 2020 but the
scope of the discussion is still unclear. But just the fact that they’ve agreed on
having a referendum itself shows a change of mind so it won’t be surprising it marijuana
is actually made legal in the next 2 years! Number 2. South Africa
We are giving you guys a reason to move to South Africa, like we even need another one! Anyway, the country’s top court unanimously
legalized the private use of cannabis in September this year! Yes, you heard that right- the decision allows
adults to consume cannabis in private and grow marijuana for private consumption. Though it won’t be a criminal offense for
an adult to use or be in possession of cannabis in private for his personal consumption, using
it in public or supplying it would still be illegal. The court has given parliament 24 months to
adopt the ruling, which is binding. Soon we’ll see people tending to marijuana
plants in their backyard in South Africa without being afraid of the police! Number 3. Italy
Fine, cannabis is not legal in Italy and there hasn’t been much talk about legalizing it
soon. So why is it on the list? We assume you’ve heard about Italy’s cannabis
mania that exploded in 2016, if you haven’t, we are sorry to say that you’ve been living
under a rock! Anyway, a December 2016 law regulating hemp
production went into effect, a series of norms meant to help revive cannabis- a crop that
was once widely cultivated in the country. Cannabis flowers have been flying off the
shelves of Italian specialty shops after the law was passed, but they are strictly “collector’s
item”! Ahem, they must not be smoked or eaten and
the seeds in them, if you find any, must not be cultivated! But who knows, this slight relaxation might
play a role in the legalization of cannabis is the long run! Number 4. Jamaica
In the words of Bob’s eldest grandson, Bambaata Marley, “Even as much as everyone thinks
that everyone smokes herb in Jamaica, not everyone does — and there are definitely
people who look down upon it”. This is interesting because he also said that
his personal experience in Jamaica told him that the herb is a part of daily life in the
country. That could very well be attached to Rastafarians,
for whom the plant is sacred and smoking it is their religious right! Wait, nobody said that cannabis is legal here
because it is not! In 2015 they decriminalized small amounts
of possession and in 2016 they legalized medical marijuana. So it won’t be wrong to say that there is
a marijuana movement going in the country and it’s only a matter of time before it
is legalized completely! Number 5. Colombia
When a country aspires of becoming the world’s largest exporters of legal cannabis, you know
where this will go! A law was passed two years ago legalizing
medical cannabis for domestic use and export. Any idea why this was done? Ah, to take the marijuana trade from the hands
of Marxist rebels and traffickers, transforming Colombia into a multibillion-dollar producer
for the pharmaceutical industry. We like this! And who knows, perhaps legalizing the drug
recreationally will be part of those plans! If that happens, we see lots of fun and business
in the country- all associated with marijuana, wow! Number 6. Iceland
Nobody said that cannabis is legal in Iceland and if you were expecting it to turn legal
this year, your hopes are royally dashed! Of course it is illegal to consume, possess,
cultivate and sell marijuana even in small amounts but the catch is that possession is
not strictly enforced! The most interesting thing is that about 18%
of adults in Iceland are using the herb, which is one of the highest throughout the world! Such a huge number from a country where cannabis
is illegal, not bad! Unsurprisingly, efforts are already being
made to legalize it because so many people are already using it so the jump won’t be
a big one and can be totally expected! Number 7. Mexico
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the new President of Mexico is open minded when it comes to
drug policy. You know what we are getting at, right? He has already expressed his openness to consider
legalizing all drugs. We wouldn’t go so far as saying that cocaine
or heroin be legalized but marijuana should totally be considered, don’t you think? The former Supreme Court Official and Obrador’s
pick for interior secretary during the transition, Olga Sánchez Cordero had said that she would
seek decriminalization of marijuana for recreational use and end the prohibition of cannabis! It won’t be wrong to say that if Cordero
has her way then Mexico will soon see marijuana being used for recreation! Number 8. Spain
Ah, where does cannabis take us in Spain? Not jail because it has been decriminalized
for personal cultivation and use, and other purposes other than sale or trade! But that’s not what is attracting us to
Spain, NO! Using the legal grey areas in Spanish legislation,
cannabis clubs are a popular way for enthusiasts to obtain and use cannabis as a technically-legal
private collective. Yes, you can blaze up guilt free in these
cafes or should we call them “weed dens”? Since the laws are so lax already, it won’t
be a shock if they went all the way and legalized cannabis completely! Number 9. USA
With its northern neighbor legalizing and its southern neighbor mulling it, can the
world’s most influential proponent of the drug war be far behind? And there is no way we can ignore the fact
that every year more and more states legalize marijuana recreationally! In fact, majority of Americans support legalizing
marijuana which includes a lot of politicians. Do we still need more signs to expect a complete
acceptance of the herb in the recreational market along with the department of medicine? Number 10. India
Let’s start with a very interesting fact- According to the UNODC’s World Drug report
2016, the retail price of cannabis in India was US$0.10 per gram, the lowest of any country
in the world. Now how is this possible when cannabis is
illegal at the federal level? Well, the laws are often unenforced and it
goes to such a level that Government-owned shops in holy cities like Varanasi and few
other north Indian states sell cannabis in the form of bhang, which is seen as a sacred
drink! In fact, Bhang was removed from the Prohibition
Act in Gujarat in February 2017, hence its consumption and sale has been decriminalized
in the state. There are other states where cannabis in the
form of ganja is allowed. By the looks of it, the leap to full legalization
of cannabis is an easy one! Which country do you think will be next to
legalize marijuana? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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  1. I think Germany and the scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway will follow suit soon.
    Especially if Iceland is on the way and Holland already has it tolerated.

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