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ムンジェイン大統領は外交の天才 中東で有志連合発足 センティネル作戦始動 Korean president is a diplomatic genius

ムンジェイン大統領は外交の天才 中東で有志連合発足 センティネル作戦始動 Korean president is a diplomatic genius

Hello everyone. Kaoru Kamikawa. The topic I will discuss this time is about the diplomatic defeat of the neighboring country. I said it was a diplomatic defeat, but the defeat was not yet decided. But Munjain ’s diplomatic battles have been inferior for most of them Now President Munjain is discussing the cost of the US military in Korea with the US We have received requests from the United States to send troops overseas in the same way. 5 times the cost of the US military stationed in Korea, And even for overseas troops, until now, I’ve been talking about leisurely. We are now being driven into a situation where we have no choice but to send overseas troops. This time, let’s take a look at an article that states that President Moon Jae-in is being forced to send troops from the United States. Then please listen to the news. From Sankei Shimbun. American-led volunteer alliance started. 7 countries participating in Holmes safety The purpose was to ensure safety, such as off the coast of Iran and the Holmes Strait, which are important for oil transportation. The launch of a volunteer coalition headquarters led by the US military was held in Bahrain on the 7th. Announced by the US Navy Fleet Fleet Command, based in the country. Operation Sentinel, which defends tankers by three countries, has officially started. In addition to the United States, a total of seven countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, participated in the operation. Each country dispatches ships, aircraft, and personnel, aiming to ensure stability and safe navigation in the Persian Gulf, Oman Bay, off Yemen and the Babelmandeb Strait, as well as the Holmes Strait. From May this year, In the wake of a series of tanker attacks near the Strait of Holmes, the United States has shown the concept of a voluntary alliance and has requested each country to participate. Japan, which has refused to participate, is considering sending its own Self-Defense Forces. The pressure on country K, who has forgotten to participate in this volunteer association, is very strong. From Chosun Ilbo In addition to the US chief delegate, contributions from Holmes, troops are also requested from K. President Dehart, President Trump, stressed every day as he confirmed the progress of the negotiations. Assistant Secretary Stillwell and Assistant Secretary Schreiber continue to request a review of the decision to discard GSOMIA. At the same time on the 5th of this month, the US State Department’s Secretary of State Keith Crack and Assistant Secretary of State David Stillwell, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Defense Cost Sharing (SMA), On the 7th, defense costs continued to put pressure on K in three areas: GSOMIA Indo-Pacific Strategy. If the word SMA comes out later in the article Please think that it is a story about the burden of the US military in Korea Mr. Dehart met with politicians on this day to develop a defense cost public opinion battle. Mr. Dehart is requesting K country about 5.80 trillion won, about 550 billion yen, which is five times as much as the previous share. When explaining the rationale, He claimed to have claimed that there were also US troops working for K in the Straits of Holmes and the Straits of Malacca. A statement that encourages the view that the United States has linked trade negotiations with troop demand for the Holmes Strait De Hart says he stresses speed and strongly demands the speed of negotiations According to another political circle who met Mr. Dehart, Mr. Dehart did not elaborate on the fourth category, On the other hand, he mentioned that there are also US troops working for K in the Straits of Holmes and Straits of Malacca. The stakeholder seemed to include the extra cost of working for the benefit of the Korean peninsula in addition to the US military in Korea. I showed how to see. In this regard, a government source familiar with trade negotiations Insist that it was never a request for the cost of the US forces deployed in the Holmes Strait Costs outside the Korean peninsula that the US requested for direct defense expenditure sharing This is mainly related to the circulation arrangements and joint exercises of U.S. forces in Korea. Of the US troops in Korea, one ground army brigade and some fighter battalions replace the American mainland forces every six to nine months. The United States is not currently stationed in K, but will be deployed in the future, They say that they are seeking to share the costs incurred in the human and material aspects of the units participating in the joint exercise However, when the Holmes Strait or Malacca Strait became a hot topic, SMA negotiations directly related to the sharing of defense costs, Another role as an alliance unrelated to the SMA, It is considered that there is a high possibility that off-site negotiations regarding cost sharing will be developed in two tracks. The United States demands cost sharing even in the Indian-Pacific strategy. Secretary of State of the Crack cracked at the Korea-US public-private joint economic forum held on this day. Without infrastructure investment of trillions of dollars and hundreds of trillions of yen, it will not be possible to meet the infrastructure demand in the Indian and Pacific region. Productive companies such as companies in country K can contribute to the prosperity of job creation. Sue This means that companies in K are expected to invest huge amounts of infrastructure in line with the Indian Pacific strategy of the United States. The situation in the Middle East continues to be tense. As for the attack on the tanker that caused the formation of this voluntary alliance, It has not yet been identified who the culprit is. America should be an attack that Iran has done On the other hand, the Iranian side No we are not. As an act that some armed forces are doing It is expressed that it is not their responsibility. In addition to tanker attacks, There is a very intense demonstration in Iran and neighboring Iraq The reason for this demonstration is that Iraq is very stagnant economically, the unemployment rate reaches 40%, And the government is covered in corruption Moreover It may be placed under the influence of Iran It ’s like a very strong distrust Also in the south of Saudi Arabia, they were attacked by a large drone. The news that oil refining facilities are going to cause a big flame ran all over the world. The Middle East is clearly an unstable and dangerous place to see from these circumstances. In areas where such various troubles occur The fact that you must protect oil tankers It is a very important story for a country that depends on oil. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that The United States calling for the formation of this voluntary coalition does not depend on Middle Eastern crude oil. Rather than the shale oil revolution, America today is a crude oil producing country, and It is also a country that can export crude oil Therefore, the US itself does not have to follow this oil transportation route. Rather, the aim of America is how to reduce Iran’s influence Political diplomatic implications are bigger Suppressing Iran’s influence in the Middle East has a political purpose for the United States to protect Israel and Saudi Arabia. Since Iran has been suspected of developing nuclear weapons Despite being sanctioned, there is no doubt that it is a great power in the Middle East Like I mentioned earlier The cause of the demonstration activities in Iraq It is said that Iranian forces are starting to penetrate into the Iraqi side. If America breaks the rudder in a way that it doesn’t get involved at all in the Middle East situation Iran’s influence expands, and the Americans believe that threats to Saudi Arabia and Israel increase. A country that depends on crude oil in the Middle East must protect this oil transportation route. From the perspective of For example, Japan and its neighbors need to use a lot of troops. However, in Japan Because of the diplomatic relationship with Iran If possible, develop diplomacy that will allow you to do it in a relaxed manner. The reason why selfishness is allowed in this way can only be considered because the diplomatic relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is good. The reason why such a thing can be said is that there is no trust relationship between President Trump and President Moon Jane As a result, the negotiations that are happening now are exactly Such as President Trump sending troops to K. You can also see from the very strong demand. As a matter of course the neighbor country that is adjacent to Japan There is no such thing as oil coming out of my country So you have to import crude oil Because this structure is exactly the same as Japan Oil dependence on the Middle East is very high at 80-90%. However, President Moon Jane ’s policy for the United States I have seen many times that I don’t feel like riding. In the Indian Pacific Strategy, I just looked at the complexion of China I try to keep the distance from the US as much as possible. Of course, by accumulating such actions, President Moon Jane invited the situation that President Trump is not trusted at all As a result, what is happening now It is a significant increase in the cost of staying in the U.S. Army in South Korea, or pressing for overseas dispatch like this time And you can pay more not only for overseas troops but also for money that you have never had to pay, For infrastructure investment, you can move companies in your country more, There was a very fierce demand like this In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump are in close contact with each other. Rather, “What do you mean by getting along with such President Trump?” Some people slander slander in the form of “American dogs”. In particular, there is no merit to hostile with the current US If you are hostile to the United States, it will only produce demerits for your country. Indeed, President Munjain has set an example for this. About the formation of this voluntary alliance that was hardly a topic in Japan Speaking of why Japan is able to diplomacy independently without participating at all, Because it has a good relationship with President Trump There is no doubt that there is an aspect of missing the prime minister of Japan. By the way, President Munjain also has the option of refusing to talk about the overseas troops However, the US will no longer consider the decision to send troops overseas at the stage of this story. The negotiations that we are currently doing are how big and how long I told him what the burden would be, It should be an American perception that you are fighting a condition that is based on the premise of sending troops. As President Munjain, I would like to refuse It would be better to see that diplomacy has been developed so that there is virtually no way to escape President Munjain has been described as a diplomatic genius I have heard such a story. However, when you look at the current situation like this, the feeling of “Tensai” is I would have to say that this is a natural disaster for those who cause disasters. What did you think of when you heard this news? Please write a comment by all means. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, please register on this occasion. We are also waiting for a high evaluation for the video. See you in the next video See you

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  30. 中東情勢の解り易い解説有り難うさんです。日本は恐らくアメリカにとっての中東の有事の際の「懐刀(ふところがたな)」なんでしょう。イラク戦争の時「参加しない」代わりに90億ドル+追加支援40憶ドル,日本円にして1兆6900億円もの大金を拠出していましたよね。首相同士の人間関係だけでなく,いざという時は「あの時と同じようにシンゾウ宜しく頼むよ」と云う暗黙の了解があるのでしょう。ビジネスライクな彼の事ですから損はしませんよ。K国は,こうなったら一気にPCRにすり寄るしかないか。ロッチアゲル,サムソンアゲル~から軍事情報を抱えて逃げ込んで守って~かもです。

  31. 米国は、用韓する方向に梶を切ったようだ。「シーレーン守るために働け~!金出せ~!もっと貢献しろ~!」「フッ酸横流しの件は分かってるんだ!」って成るのか?ムンタン天才!米に謙れ!

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  33. こんばんは。



  34. 神河さんは文大統領を天災と言うが日本にとっては天才いや神ではないだろうか

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  36. 韓国軍がホルムズ海峡などに出て行ったら、ベトナムで起こしたライダイハン問題と同じ間違いを犯すよ。

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  38. トランプ大統領も、安倍首相も、双方の関係だけで、有志連合不参加を決めたのではないだろう。自動車運転でもハンドルの遊びは必要。外交もしかり、いろんな意味で、話し合いの可能性を残すためにも、アメリカ・日本・イランにとって遊びは必要。また日本がその遊びを有効にするだけの実力を持ってきた結果だと思う。

  39. 無智無能な文をトップに選出した民衆のバカさ加減を後悔し続けろ!

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  42. たとえアメリカとの関係が悪なりアメリカからの制裁等に晒される状況にあっても、日本は東アジア・東南アジア・インド・スリランカ・中東(イスラエルを除く)と共に歩んでいくべき時が来ているのではないか?福沢諭吉の脱亜入欧の呪縛から脱するのが「令和の時代の日本の在り方」では無いだろうか?

  43. 素晴らしい解説で良く解りました。それと神河さん、何か綺麗に成った見たいですねー‼️

  44. K国がイランに行ったペテン(石油代金)の決着はしたのかな?40tの横無しでは補いきれないだろうし、イランが【剥がし】をしたら韓国は今年ではない来年の【冬でK国は終わるだろう】・・金をイランに完済しないまでは「イランには従属を示さなければならないだろう?」、米国・日本国は知っているだろう、韓国がホルムズで動けない事は・・K国がホルムズ監視費用を払う事はイランを裏切る行為にもなる。K国は「動けないだろう」・・だから、米国はK国に迫るので有ろう!、米国がK国にミサイル配備もK国は中国を裏切ることに成る。又、北朝鮮も裏切ることに成る!K国の大統領と共に民主党の「詐欺的政策が”屍”の寸法だけの”棺桶”にしてしまった」のだろう・・更に、”屍”よりも窮屈になるかも知れない。ペテン師共の最後ってこんな事ではないか?

  45. 海外派兵はいいけれど、行った先でライダイハンのようなことにならないかね?韓国人は自分の行動に無自覚みたいだから、お金だけにしてつれていかない方がいらぬ面倒がないと思うんだけどね、、、。

  46. 神河が征く / わかるニュース解説 KKNewsNetwork







  47. 古い言い回しですが、「災い転じて災となす」 のが得意ですねー! 傾国大統領府。真似できん。

  48. 文は金掛かるから、かな?
    us の命令では仕方ないか?
    圧力でホルムズ海峡に送れるのか? us はハードルを上げて制裁か? しわ寄せが来てますが、us怒らせたからかな

  49. Another one or two …

    China's 2025 not picked up this time.

    The US is to respond thoroughly to the Communist Party of China.

    The surface is the elimination of 5G furue, which appears to be economic friction.

    It is a comment for the time being.

  50. どこかの国のことはどうでも良いけど。ホルムズ派兵に呼応できない日本って。18連休野党を早く何とかしないと。選挙へ行くしかない。今の日本人が受けるべき利益を受けられないのは、(反日)市議会が大きく影響している。組織票がある反日勢力の言うがまま。税金を外国人へ向けている。例、生活保護は日本人には厳しく、どこかの居座り半島人へは簡単に許可する、総連が面倒くさいから。TBSの在日枠と同じ構図。そして、今がある。

  51. アメリカは、発火直前のてんぷら鍋に水をぶっかけようしているように見えます。もともと、火病持ちと言われているkの国に、そこまでやるかという観です。さすが、トランプ大統領と言わざるを得ません。南無ーーーーーーー

  52. そりゃそうだ❗守り代。安いもんだよ、文句言ってじゃあ無いんだよ。もうお笑い🤣👋

  53. 真綿で首を締めるというが、アメリカのは鞭でシバく感じかな。日本は、壁を建設中?。

  54. 文君の外交天災☀️に←座布団10枚‼️西側圏にいる韓国なのに米国へたてつく文君‼️韓国民の本意なの⁉️米国へのクーデター青瓦台ね‼️許されないでしょ‼️

  55. ある意味でムンジェインが大統領で日本は助けられてるとも言える

  56. 外交の天災であってくれれば日本には都合がいいですね。

  57. 神河さん、分かりやすくご説明有難うございます。

  58. 日本は日本国です。

  59. 日本も自国タンカー護衛のために、独自にでも自衛艦を派遣しないと、対日非難と共に大幅な増額をトランプに要求されるな。今や憲法9条とか自国都合が許される国際情勢ではなくなってるんよ。「血を流す役割はアメリカだけでいい」という日本にとっては美味い夢のような時代は過去のものになってしまった。残念だが否が応でも日本人も過酷で厳しい国際情勢の現実に真摯に向き合う時代が来たようだよ。

  60. この事は、日本語に訳すと、”泣きっ面に蜂”プラス日本がいつもと違うにだ~!になる!

  61. 昨日韓国人の若者が、ムンジェイン弾劾デモと支持派デモの両方に潜入しているLIVE動画を観ました。誰が大統領になっても、国を統一するのは難しそうだな~という印象。常に仲間割れしているような・・・。

  62. 天災、天災、天災 !! 金くれ、詫びろだけしか言えない、W文さん。

  63. 韓国軍は、敵前逃亡の常習犯で有る事が世界中の軍人の常識で有り、敵前逃亡の妥当性を整然と主張してきた事が軍人の常識です。即ち、非常に愉快・極まりない事を米国が要求してきたのです。韓国が要求を呑むのか実に楽しみな状況です。その場合韓国軍が犠牲心を出せる人間で有るか否かの見極めが出来ます。実に面白い要求です。金より犠牲を選択しますか。米国は其れを要求しています。実に面白い事です。

  64. 南北朝鮮に生まれなくて良かった。純日本人で良かった。首相が安倍晋三さんで良かった。この3つだけで幸せである。

  65. 世界最高峰の諜報機関を有する米国はk国の戦略物資横流しや、青瓦台の従北工作員の事、司法長官の従北工作員任命などとっくに情報は掴んでるでしょう。公表出来ないのは

  66. 日本国内でも、もっと外交内容を報道してほしいです。

  67. ん~最近の神河さんの動画ってこんなんだっけ?と頭を傾げてしまう事があります。










  68. 薫さん、今日も分かりやすい解説有難う御座います。話は変わりますが

  69. 日本も韓国を笑ってはいられない。厳しさと混沌の度合いを増す国際情勢に、

  70. 開幕ピース(キラリ)決まってますね!


  71. 文は外交の天才ですから、この問題もうやむやにしようと考えるでしょう。トランプが奸国をどう考えているかにかかってきます。文が品側に寝返ったことは百も承知ですが、トランプにとって日本は地政学上重要な位置にあります。この日本を品にとられないためにもバッファゾーンとして奸国を残しておきたいはずです。ですから、文が有志連合に参加しなくても、駐留費をそんなに払わなくても、もしかしたらブラフかもしれません。また甘くないトランプであるとしたら、経済的な制裁をするかもしれません。

  72. 日本の(国益に基づいた、特に防衛に関する部分の)主張に、トランプ大統領が比較的寛容なのは、安倍首相とトランプ大統領の仲が良いのもありますが、その仲の良さの中身が大事なこととなりますね。前提として日米は貿易相手国として、自由(資本)主義社会の同志として、今や代替不可能の相手となっていること、トランプ大統領は根っこがビジネスマンなので、(主として)経済的な国益を中心に考えることが多いから、ある意味わかりやすい人だということ、で、多分、

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