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സെൻട്രൽ യൂണിവേഴ്സിറ്റികളിൽ  അഡ്മിഷൻ | Admission notification in Central Universities | CUCET

സെൻട്രൽ യൂണിവേഴ്സിറ്റികളിൽ അഡ്മിഷൻ | Admission notification in Central Universities | CUCET

This is a very good opportunity. I request all the aspirants to make use of this chance. Hello friends, welcome to Kerala Fingers. This video is dedicated to the people who have completed their graduation and post-graduation. Here is a golden opportunity for the people who wish to join for Post-graduation after
your degree or for PhD after post-graduation. The notification for the central university common entrance test is released. his is an entrance test conducted jointly by almost 18 central universities. You can opt for three central universities at the time of admission and you will be admitted to any one of these selected universities on the basis of the rank list. You can apply from March 16th to April 11nth. Then an entrance test will be conducted in May which will be followed by an interview. This is the admission procedure. e have a central university in Kerala as well. It is situated at Periye in the district of Kasargode. his is an institute run by the Central Government of India. This institute provides opportunity for the people who wish to study at a central university in their vicinity. The university offers 1 under graduation course, 22 post-graduation courses and 21 PhD courses. You can join the university by opting Central University of Kerala at the time of application and attending the entrance test. The Central University of Kerala situated in Periye has a huge campus widespread over 350 acres. The university has an excellent campus. Infrastructural works are almost complete but constructions works are still going on in one side. The university already have 3 womens’ hostels and 2 mens’ hostels and remaining hostels are under construction. Therefore accommodation will not be a huge issue. So the students from far away places will get accommodation facilities. The campus has wifi facilities and the hostels are very spacious. The neat and clean campus and high tech classrooms provide an amble learning opportunity for the students. The next major concern is the fees. People often think that studying in central universities are expensive. But need not worry. The fees are much lesser compared to the fees of aided colleges across the country. Hostel fees are affordable for the people from an ordinary family compared to the fees of other hostels. So need not withdraw from writing the entrance test thinking about the fees. I will provide the details regarding the courses, the link of CUCET entrance exam and the link of the Central University of Kerala official site in my description So the interested people can go to the description and apply for the exams. If this video has benefitted anyone please an “hai” in the comment box I will be extremely glad to know that this video was beneficial. Please like the video if it’s interesting. In order to access other videos of the channel please do subscribe. So see you again. I wind up this vlog by requesting you to attend the CUCET entrance examination. Bye. I am Subin.

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