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Foreign Policy Analysis


Today we’re talk about our university and how foreign students can survive in Russia… And can you, please, introduce you (yourself)? My name is Shwetabh Rana, I’m from India. I’m here for the master studies. Okay, I know that it’s not your first degree of education, so how did you get your first degree? Actually, I got my first degree in India, I’d graduated in the feedback in mass communications, and after that I had applied for this master’s course in Russia. And why had you decided to enter to Russian university? Okay, I was actually surfing the Internet, and I came to know about UrFU and I came to know it has a very cool ratings in BRICS and a good world rating, therefore I made my mind to come to Russia and study at UrFU. So why had you chosen UrFU in Yekaterinburg, not Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, I know they have good universities, but you’d decided to choose… I don’t know, maybe it’s something random… It’s a good choice, I think. Yeah, I like it very much. What did you expect from Russia, when you didn’t come here? Actually, the very first thing that I expect from Russia is a good… good education, my degree, and later, if I learn the Russian language, I at least expect to do some job here. Yes and maybe not expectation from your education, maybe expectation from Russia, like… traditions. Yes, expectations from Russia, yeah. I wanted to just get into Russian culture, and I actually love the culture here, it’s very different from India. Okay, and… Had you got all the necessary information about Russia, when you… before you came here? I think, I’d studied on my own about Russia and this place, Yekaterinburg. What difficulties did you faced (with) in Russia? Not much difficulties, but the very basic difficulty, which I faced here, was the language barrier. In Russia not much people speak English, and that is the main problem which I faced here. So, maybe you’ve already had some problems, maybe outside, and have you decided (solved) all your problems? Here? In Russia? Yeah. No, actually I don’t have much problems here… Maybe you’d just got lost or like this… I went and I got lost, but later I asked my buddy, there is a buddy-system in UrFU… They can speak English, I simply call them, and it was very easy, they had just told me how to get to the bus and all, and I lost here not much. Okay. So I know that you are in Russia not very long time… So what experience had you got here for this time? I think it’s like ten or twelve days, I’m quite loving the way of Russian life, the transportations, the food and the people, they are very helpful. For now, I’m feel very good about Russia. Okay, for example, which (what is) most (the biggest) differences from (of) India and Russia? The whole biggest difference is the temperature. Yes… And… difference about the language and the food is very less spicy here in Russia. Do you like it? A kind of. I have to like it. Okay, which food do you like most in Russia? In Russia? Yes Actually, I like the… all the daily products here. Okay, so… I know that you have already used a buddy-system in UrFU… But what do you think if there will be a buddy-system in IGUP? How do you think about it? I mean only in this institute, not in UrFU at all. I mean in Institute of public administration and entrepreneurship. It would be very nice, if we had a buddy-system in (institute of) public administration, because I think many of international students are approaching for this course, public administration, and they will be needing some buddy, for their accommodation and all in the starting (the beginning) of course. So, how buddy-system can help you? Maybe you have some… needs, like this… There are very few basic needs, which we need to get fulfilled, in the starting (beginning) of this like buying warm clothes, getting to know the places where to eat and about the transportations, and buddy can help in this small things. And ones we came to know about this things, we get used… Yes. So what is your expectations about your first year in Russia? First year in Russia? My expectations are… like… maybe I’ll make good friends here… Maybe… Do you think that you will stay here, in Russia, after university? Well, I think it’s a fifty-fifty chance. If I get… I’ve been here for ten days, let’s see. I think I’ll stay if I get something good and… So.. I see that now you are really enjoying about being in Russia… And about studying in UrFU… So I think you will have a really good experience…

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