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Карантин на даче. Кто самый крутой на озере?

Hello everybody. This is Austria, Carinthia, Ossiach Lake. And we are sitting here in voluntary self-isolation. We hiding from the coronavirus and following the order of the Austrian government, which decided that it would be best to went out home as little as possible and thus prevent the spread of the virus. What we doing. We agree with the government. What will today’s video be about? Look, we have swans, ducks, and there a coot will swim in the right corner. We decided to find out who is the coolest on our lake. We will arrange a competition between these actors, characters. And then there will be a large fragment of cats, swans and life on the lake in the summer with comments on the coronavirus. So here we go. This coot is making its way. She also heard about feed. Coots live here too. And this ones are swimming there. They drove the enemy away and continue to have breakfast. Coot right in the center. Ducks fear a coot. A coot is not afraid of anyone. She’s beak is sharp, and that’s it. Ducks are afraid. She deliberately cut them off so that they didn’t even think to swim to the food. That’s all, they modestly sailed away. The coot here is the main one. That is what character and sharp beak mean. She swims and says: don’t even think, everything is mine here. She decided to grab everything, to the last pea herself. And she scares these, look. They are afraid. She chased them, look. Just like that. How brave she is. And these sailed away somewhere. Here is the balance of power. I wonder what their balance of power is. She is smaller, certainly not larger than them. She patrols, shows that this is all hers. And these ducks are here. She just sailed away and these immediately returned. These are their maneuvers. Hurry up, until this feisty don’t back with a sharp beak. Another competitor is swimming there. This couple, in turn, chases competitors. That’s all, the coot is back. “I told you not to sail here.” See how she chased them, and they working by paws to swim faster. But swans will come and show everyone who is the boss here. You don’t want to eat already, you are full. It is already visible that there is no more appetite. These are here. So far, there is not enough determination to fight back. Come on, chase them. Here it is. Wow, how cool she is. She even tried to jump. Someone flew. Well, I have to go, I even haven’t had breakfast yet. You will have it without end and edge. There enough of food. Swans will certainly be cooler. They are generally in authority on the lake. And there is another character – it is cormorants. They are predators, that is, they eat fish, unlike all others that are herbivores. But to shoot them is quite difficult. They don’t come to us for bread or for dry food, they are not interested in this. I’ll take them off somehow, you will watch. And now about the upcoming. You will find many legends, facts and mysterious events. Now there will be a fragment about cats, swans, summer and beauty. In the meantime, I will tell you what is happening with coronavirus, with quarantine, with our self-isolation. Firstly, the Internet. Unexpectedly, all this affected the Internet. It became slower, much slower. Because people are sitting at home. In reality, a lot of people are sitting at home. Of course, they is engaged in surfing on the Internet. At the same time, the mobile Internet, which from the phone it almost stopped working. I can’t do some basic things anymore without wi-fi connection. We have Wi-Fi from cable Internet. It works not very fast by the cable, but now it’s just a disaster. That is, uploading videos, processing, downloading, unloading, well, it all became very, very problematic. The speed is normal at night. During the day, the speed is about 4 times lower. I once asked what kind of cable. I had a video, I showed the construction site and the cable that pulled to us there. I was told that this is optical fiber and soon you will have fast Internet. But unfortunately it will not be soon, because in connection with the epidemic, no construction workers. They were all dismissed until better times. All work that can be postponed – they were postponed. Therefore, the dream of a fast fiber-optic Internet was also put off in some kind of a long box. The week of our voluntary confinement is finished. We got out twice during this time to the store, for groceries. In general, there is the opportunity to sit. I tidied up things in order in my office, what was going to do for a long time. I began to read some literature. Now I’ll improve my camera skills. In short, we are doing something. Subscribe to the channel, enable notifications, be careful and attentive. Health and good luck to you!

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