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Как спасти россиян от роботов?

The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation concluded that the skills of almost half of Russians will be unclaimed by 2030. Experts believe that a large part of the employees in the spheres will be at risk of automation: hotel and restaurant business, manufacturing, agriculture and forestry, retail and mining. The authors of the study believe that the solution to the problem may be the introduction of a tax on robots or the transition to a four-day work week. Thus, the day is approaching, about which cinema once once colorfully told us. However, unlike the terrible scenario of the development of events, which is shown in the sequel “Terminator”, the Russians are waiting for a bloodless version of the victory of cars over people. After all, the confrontation of robots and humans will take place in the form of a struggle for jobs. However, it is too early to panic. According to experts, at least 10 years are left before the day of judgment. And this is enough time to assess the situation and take the necessary measures. The authorities are already taking active steps to save the Russians from robots. With the filing of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the Government is considering the possibility of introducing a 4-day work week in Russia while maintaining wages. Based on this, it is already possible to draw at least one comforting conclusion that the authorities chose the side of people in the war with the machines. The fact that the Government was thinking about the threat of robotization even before the appearance of the The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation study suggests that even more scientists are versed in the ministers. However, it is not clear on the basis of what both those and others made their conclusions. After all, there are practically no external signs of an increased threat of robotization to Russia. However, the sources of information on the basis of which the Government concluded that the technological revolution is approaching, may well be classified. Perhaps Dmitry Anatolyevich, like the hero of the movie Terminator like Kyle Reese, was sent from the future in our time to prevent the death of Russians from cars. By the way, the government conducting a hidden struggle against the threat of robotization of the country would easily explain why little is known about Russian robots. In any case, restraining progress is perhaps not the best way to protect against general robotics. The most reasonable in the wake of the technique to change ourselves. Smart technology must have smart masters. Friends, how do you think how to save Russia from robotics? Subscribe to the “About Everything with Humor” channel. Thanks for attention. Bye

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